90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap: Love Makes You Crazy

Ariela, Steven, and Ellie
Season 3 of The Other Way kicked off on TLC. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers got to catch up with three out of the four returning couples and met the two American’s who will be moving overseas for love.

Some challenging situations in their relationships were presented and additional background was given on each of the couple’s narratives and stressors.

Kenny and Armando were the only couple not introduced in this premiere episode.

Suspicions surrounding infidelity were prominent for some 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples

Corey and Evelin have been on a self-described roller coaster the six years they’ve been together. Most recently, Evelin broke up with Corey to try and make him appreciate her more, but Corey ended up engaging with another woman while he traveled to Peru during their break.

Evelin took him back and she and Corey went to Evelin’s parent’s house to announce to her family that they set a date to get married. Evelin’s sister does not like Corey and called him out during dinner.

Corey revealed in a private interview that he is keeping something else from Evelin about his fling in Peru.

Corey and Evelin with Evelin's family
Evelin and Corey announced their wedding date. Pic credit: TLC

Viewers met Seattle restaurant owner Ellie who is planning her move to the small Colombian island of Providencia to be with her man of two years Victor.

She explained that her first husband died of an overdose and that she knows she is taking a risk of falling in love again and giving up her life in Seattle.

Ellie’s friend came over and they talked about the fact that Victor cheated on her and had an entire relationship with another woman. Ellie only found out when the woman messaged her. Victor evaded responsibility but said that he was sorry and that was enough for Ellie to be willing to move down there for him.

Twenty-five-year-old Utah Mormon Steven met twenty-year-old Alina on a language app and the two have been together for a year. They have met in person and Steven wants to take the next step and get married but knows they need to spend more time together before they do. So they are meeting up in Turkey with the intention to get married and apply for a spousal visa so he can move to Russia.

Steven admitted that he has strayed from the righteous Mormon path before and needs to talk to Alina about what transpired in his past.

Family issues stand in the way of secure relationships for a few The Other Way couples

Ariela has been living with Biniyam in Ethiopia with their son for more than a year now and they upgraded to a three-bedroom house with a live-in nanny that her parents all pay for.

Ariela explained that she is extremely close with her ex-husband and that she invited him to visit them, much to Biniyam’s dismay. His sisters came over and when she told them the news, they reacted badly and brought up a time when Ariela was pregnant and hung out with her ex-husband in America, which Biniyam didn’t know about.

Ariela, Biniyam and Biniyam's sisters
Biniyam’s sisters were not happy that Ariela’s ex-husband will be visiting. Pic credit: TLC

Jenny is still on a tourist visa for India, although it is conditional that she leave the country every 6 months unless he gets an extension. Jenny still wants Sumit to marry her so they can do the spousal visa but Sumit’s parents are still against it.

They went to see Sumit’s astrologer, who told them not to rush into marriage. But Jenny got troubling news from immigration saying that her tourist visa was “closed,” meaning she would have to go back to America.

They called their travel agent to see if they go to a nearby country for three months to reset her visa but all borders around were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sumit also lost his passport. Jenny had a huge fit about Sumit not marrying her and threatened to leave him for the US for good.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 years ago

Go home, Jenny! He’s never going to marry you!