90 Day Fiance The Other Way recap: From soup to nuts

Kenny, Alina, and Victor
The Other Way couples learned more about each other and the strength and understanding of some of them were put to the test. Pic credit: TLC

As some couples reunited and started to figure their next steps, others were embroiled in their ongoing drama on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way this week.

All members of the cast have now been introduced and viewers can settle into the new storylines and getting to know each couples’ stressors. Most of the couples came to compromises or had breakthroughs, while a few were met with new hardships.

Some The Other Way couples came to a meeting of the minds

Victor finally got a hold of Ellie, who met up with him at the airport. Victor explained how close he and his family came to death as a result of Category 5 Hurricane Iota. He and Ellie expressed their appreciation and love for one another as they prepared to go to Providencia to rebuild their life together there.

Steven and Alina were reunited in Turkey but Steven’s insistence on staying in separate living arrangements to honor his faith really irritated Alina, who said she didn’t feel safe staying alone.

After visiting the hostel Steven booked for himself, Alina was finally able to get him to agree to stay with her and cancel his hostel booking.

Alina got upset with Steven for wanting to stay in separate places and called him out on his reasoning. Pic credit: TLC

Biniyam, Ariela, and Leandro visited Biniyam’s family for a religious celebration and Biniyam’s sister grilled Leandro on the inappropriateness of his relationship with Ariela. Ariela got upset that Biniyam’s family is never accepting of her and always manage to find a way to compare her to his ex or find other flaws.

After Biniyam and Ariela said goodbye to Leandro, they had a talk about what they need from each other in order to strengthen their relationship.

A few The Other Way couples strayed away from the progress they want

Kenny and Armando arrived in San Felipe with Kenny’s daughter and Armando’s daughter to try and connect with Armando’s dad and let them know about the wedding. Armando’s father actually greeted them with a very warm welcome but Armando was not yet ready to announce their wedding plans and formally invite his father.

Kenny expressed his disappointment in Armando’s hesitation and said that it’s not healthy for their relationship to keep the wedding plans from his family any longer.

Corey and Evelin met up with Evelin’s sisters Lesly and Lipsi so that they could grill Corey about his relationship with the Peruvian woman while he and Evelin were on a break. They ordered him a traditional penis soup without telling him what the dish was to be mean to him. Once they told him, Corey was very offended and the conversation began about the Peruvian woman.

In the end, Evelin’s sisters agreed to try and accept Corey as long as Evelin could forgive him, knowing now that they are married. Corey did say in private, however, that he is keeping just how serious the relationship with the Peruvian woman was from Evelin, and he knows he has to tell her.

Evelin's sisters Lesly and Lipsi
Evelin’s sisters wanted to know the truth about the Peruvian girl after finding out he and Evelin were married. Pic credit: TLC

Jenny and Sumit saw a passport authority to report Sumit’s lost passport and start the actions to get a new one. The process was easier than they both thought but it reinvigorated Jenny’s calls for Sumit to marry her.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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