90 Day Fiance Tell All spoiler: Angela storms offset again, says she is done with Michael

Angela Deem claims she is done with Michael after part two of the reunion. Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? tell-all part two will finally air on Sunday. The episode is set to start off with Angela Deem coming back to the stage after her flashing incident. 

Angela was enraged at the end of part one after Aunt Lydia again continued to pressure her nephew and Angela to have children. While the meemaw was offset ranting, host Shaun Robinson asked her co-stars for their opinions. 

Aunt Lydia calls Angela a “clown”

Yara Zaya wasted no time and called her “extra,” saying she is too much and all over the place with her emotions. Aunt Lydia piped up, saying she had no idea why she was being yelled at, calling Angela a “clown.”

Kalani Faagata tried her best to support the 90 Day Fiance star saying, “Angela has a big personality and is very passionate about a lot of things, and she just got pissed off.”

Andrei’s deep voice then shared his opinion as he pointed the finger at Michael. The father of one told Shaun, “I think what happened over here was Mike liked to play with her feelings.”

Libby pointed out what many viewers have also thought, sharing that “Michael isn’t standing up for her, and it probably makes Angela feel alone.”

Michael clapped back via Zoom claiming that he does support Angela but that his wife needs to learn to let the other person talk and voice their concerns.

Michael Ilesanmi
Michael tries to reason with Angela at the Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Angela doesn’t want more children

Angela has always been sensitive about the baby conversation, and after her surgery, she decided that more children were not in the cards for her.  

Angela knew she had gone too far with her antics but still was heated from the argument saying, “Michael doesn’t care” and only cares about her larger breasts. She didn’t feel good with herself, saying Aunt Lydia pushed her too far.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star apologized for her reaction but not her words saying she needs Michael’s aunt to understand she wants her to “stay out of my business.”

Lydia does not think she is overstepping any boundaries and reiterated that a Nigerian man should get married and have kids saying he “needs his own offspring soon. That is it.”

Angela once again got fired up after the rude statement and yelled, “As of today, I am over it. If he wants children, do what Aunt Lydia says and go find someone else.”

Angela shared that she was extremely upset with Michael for not backing her up. She then spilled the tea that Michael had once told her not to get too close to his aunt. 

Is Michael and Angela’s relationship over?

When Michael all but called his wife a liar, she once again stormed off stage screaming, “I got married in Nigeria; it ain’t s*** here.  I’ll do what I want.”

Even with most of her co-stars backing, Angela just couldn’t take the disrespect. Michael then dared to call her backstage. The Georgia peach went in on her husband as she threatened she was going to go out and get some attention.

She bid viewers adieu and hung up on Michael, saying, “Now you’re seeing them now you don’t,” as she shut the phone off while she pointed the camera at her chest.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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Gary Gerometta
Gary Gerometta
2 years ago

That would be the BEST thing that ever happened to Michael! Angela is a MONSTER controlling pig.

Sharon Welty
Sharon Welty
2 years ago

I hope this is the end of Angela “starring” on TLC. I’m sick of her antics, her vulgar language, showing her breasts on national TV, and treating Michael with such disrespect. I’m sorry to admit I’m a fellow Georgian, but I have class and Angela has none. BTW I have no doubt she slept with her Doctor when he took her home from his Bday party.