90 Day Fiance: Tania shares cryptic message about possible open marriage to Syngin

Tania may have just alluded to having an open relationship with Syngin. Pic credit: TLC

A 90 Day Fiance fan favorite, Tania Maduro, has just shared some interesting insight into her marriage with Syngin Colchester.

The outspoken TLC personality took to her Instagram Story to share her opinion on an open relationship.

For 90 Day Fiance fans who are not aware, an open relationship is a consensual, non-monogamous take on a relationship. Both partners are allowed to pursue sex and emotional attachments to others without any fear of reprisal from their partner.

Open relationships are often thought to be a middle ground between swinging and polyamory.

Tania shares her take on Megan and Kourtney’s kiss

In her Instagram Story, Tania may have made a subtle nod to the ever-changing world of relationships.

The 90 Day Fiance star wrote over a picture of the two Hollywood A-listers kissing the same apple seductively.

Tania shared her thoughts, saying, “I can’t wait till Kourtney, Meghan fox, and their boyfriends all come out sharing that they all have sex together and brings more conversations about love, sex, and relationships to mainstream..”

tania maduro's message on instagra stories
Pic credit: @tania.maduro/Instagram

Tania’s opinion could explain why fans have spotted Syngin around Tuscon, Arizona, with a mystery woman. The couple could quite possibly be in an open relationship.

90 Day Fiance fans thought Syngin had a girlfriend

Syngin has been sharing his adventures in Arizona with a woman named Erin, who uses the Instagram handle @anerinwithane.

Together the pair has been munching on hot chips, and Syngin has been liking pictures of Erin’s behind.

90 Day Fiance followers could see how flirty the possible couple was as they took part in the Hot Chip Challenge on TikTok.


@paquichips #onechipchallenge part 1 with special guest, from @90dayofficial Syngin Colchester! Part 2 coming soon! #spicy #carolinareaper #sichuan

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Syngin also shared a photo of himself meditating at the Grand Canyon. 90 Day Fiance fans noticed that Tania had left a comment, but her husband did not acknowledge it.

Syngin’s galavanting prompted viewers to assume the worst, voicing that it was possible the South African was single. Syngin only added to the mystery as he wrote, “we will have to wait and see hahah.”

syngin colchester's instagram post
Pic credit: @syngin_colchester/Instagram

Tania’s recent post about relationships could very well be the missing puzzle piece that fans needed to solve the mystery of the couple’s relationship.

With Syngin free to roam for a new woman, it is presumed that Tania would be allowed the same freedoms. The 90 Day Fiance star and aspiring witch has yet to reveal if she too is looking towards greener pastures.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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