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90 Day Fiance: Tania doesn’t trust Syngin and it’s causing relationship problems

Tania and Syngin on 90 Day Fiance
Tania has trust issues and Syngin doesn’t want to marry someone who doesn’t trust him. Pic credit: TLC

As Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance continues, Tania and Syngin are starting to have some serious compatibility issues that could easily tear them apart.

In a recent sneak peek for the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiance, Tania and Syngin are having a bit of an argument. He’s upset because she doesn’t trust him. And we’re not talking about relationship trust or a fear of cheating.

Tania doesn’t trust Syngin to help fix up that she-shed she neglected to get together before his arrival.

Their argument started over the removal of a cabinet from the shed. Apparently, Syngin’s method wasn’t careful enough, causing Tania to freak out that he might hurt himself or put a hole in the wall.

In the confessional, Syngin says, “Sometimes she doesn’t believe in me as much as I’d like her too.”

He then goes on to explain that it’s always about simple stuff like moving that cabinet.

“I do not want to marry somebody that does not trust me,” Syngin says, and already, we can feel the tension between these two.

Then, as Syngin tries to put his clothes away, he finds there is no room at all in any of the drawers. “Good old Tania,” he quips.

But Tania is ready for bed, and she can’t put the blankets on it until he moves his clothes. So now, 90 Day Fiance viewers see that Tania doesn’t trust Syngin, but she isn’t going out of her way to make him feel at home either.

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As the couple bicker in the confessional, it’s looking like Tania and Syngin may hit a significant snag before they ever make it to the altar.

Syngin wants to work things out. You know the saying about never going to sleep angry. But Tania had other plans. She didn’t want to discuss the tension of the day and instead wanted to get the bed ready and deal with it another time.

Watch the 90 Day Fiance sneak peek below as Tania even shuts Syngin down when he asks for a little bit of loving before they fall asleep.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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