90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto says being on reality TV has affected the way she views her body

90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days alum Stephanie Matto says negative comments have affected her psychologically.
Stephanie Matto talks highs and lows of being on TV. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum Stephanie Matto recently opened up about her experience on reality TV and how it has affected her. The 31-year-old confessed that it’s had some negative psychological impacts on her life, especially regarding how she views her body.

This is not the first time Stephanie has talked about being body-shamed by trolls online. Coming off her stint on Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life, she got a lot of negative remarks regarding her body and how she looked during the Tell All.

After seeing the rude things that were being said about her, Stephanie clapped back at the body shamers and said she wouldn’t let them bring her down.

Stephanie Matto says being on TV has affected the way she views her body

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum opened up to her followers during an Instagram Q&A.

One person asked how her life has changed since being on reality TV, and Stephanie shared the good and the bad.

As for the benefits of being a reality TV personality, Stephanie said, “I get recognized sometimes which is cool.”

However, she confessed that it had had some negative implications on her life as well.

“It has definitely had some negative psychological impacts, especially in the way I view my body,” admitted Stephanie– who has previously admitted to suffering from body dysmorphia.

“I think overall it has helped my business though, and so I take the bad with the good,” she added.

Stephanie Matto opens up about dealing with negative comments
Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

How does Stephanie Matto deal with the negativity?

During the Instagram Q&A, the TLC star also opened up about how she deals with the negative feedback that comes with being on TV.

All eyes were on Stephanie during her first appearance on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days back in Season 4. Not only did her relationship with then-girlfriend Erika Owens implode early on, but viewers did not take a liking to Stephanie at all.

At one point she even deactivated her Instagram account due to hate she had received. Following her return to the 90 Day Fiance franchise, Stephanie had to deal with the negativity all over again.

During the Q&A, someone asked her about dealing with that, and Stephanie admitted, “It’s hard to stay positive all the time.”

Stephanie Matto opens up about dealing with negative comments.
Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

However, “When I feel myself slipping I take time away,” revealed the reality TV personality, who noted that another coping mechanism is her dogs.

“I have my dogs who are definitely a lifeline for me,” she added.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sunday at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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