90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto reveals ‘sex dream’ she once had about Big Ed

90 Day:The Single Life star Stephanie Matto reveals sex dream about Big Ed Brown
Stephanie Matto had a sex dream about Big Ed Brown. Pic credit: Discovery+

Stephanie Matto had a sex dream about her 90 Day: The Single Life costar Big Ed Brown and she shared it during a recent interview. Stephanie jokingly referred to it as a “sexual fantasy nightmare” but despite the shady comment, she had nothing but glowing things to say about her castmate.

Stephanie claimed that she can see why women are attracted to the 56-year-old photographer because according to her, Big Ed has sex appeal.

While Stephanie made it clear that she would never sleep with Big Ed she did open up about a naughty dream she once had about the newly-engaged TLC star.

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Stephanie Matto recounts sex dream about Big Ed

The 90 Day: The Single Life star had a recent chat on The Domenick Nati Show and during her interview, Big Ed became a topic of conversation.

“I met Big Ed and I’ll be honest, he has a sex appeal,” confessed Stephanie laughingly. ‘He does.”

When asked if she would sleep with Big Ed, the reality TV personally revealed, “I had a sex dream about him once, but I would never, no!”

She continued, “I mean it was more of a sexual fantasy nightmare but yeah it happened. It was really weird.”

While recounting some details of the dream to host Domenick Nati, Stephanie brought up Big Ed’s fiance, Liz Woods.

“Oh my God, I feel like his fiance if she ever hears this she’s gonna f**king kill me,” she joked.

Stephanie Matto says there’s a sexiness about Big Ed

90 Day: The Single Life continued to dish about Big Ed and his sex appeal during her interview.

“I can see why women would want him, aside from his physical appearance, there’s a sexiness,” claimed Stephanie. “There’s a sex appeal, I see it, I sense it. There’s a Scorpio energy there.”

However, Stephanie wasn’t done raving about Big Ed just yet. She continued to explain why women are attracted to the polarizing reality TV star who’s now engaged and planning a wedding to Liz Woods.

“Ed is charismatic. He’s got like a way about him,” claimed Stephanie. “He walks into a room, people notice him.”

The popular YouTuber also noted that “People are like ‘oh my God I can’t imagine Liz would be with him,’ I’m like, ‘I can see it,’ and like I said he’s a sexy man. He’s got sex appeal.”

“Big Ed if you’re out there watching this, you’ve got sex appeal,” added Stephanie.

Check out the video below if you want to hear more about Stephanie’s sex dream involving Big Ed.

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