90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto not phased by the haters after TikTok account removed

90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto
Stephanie continues to push forward despite having her TikTok account deleted due to haters. Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum Stephanie Matto’s TikTok account was recently removed, but she isn’t letting her haters get to her.

Since her time on the 90 Day Fiance franchise, Stephanie has branched out, taking on some very unique and questionable, yet highly profitable, business ventures.

The 31-year-old Connecticut resident began selling her farts in jars for paying customers before recently offering boob sweat in a jar and “fart sheets” to her adoring fans.

Stephanie Matto unbothered by haters who got her TikTok account removed

Stephanie’s business ventures have been received with plenty of criticism, but she isn’t letting that hold her back. She recently told her 303k Instagram followers that her TikTok account was removed due to haters, but she’s back at it already.

“It [ain’t] easy being Queen ?,” Stephanie captioned a post she shared earlier this week. “I have more haters than I can count! But I never quit and I never stop! Follow my new tiktok account @ stephaniematto! I am like the terminator ? #illbeback”

Stephanie recorded a TikTok video from her new account, which she shared in the Instagram post. Stephanie stood in her kitchen, wearing a pink, silky robe, as Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush played in the background.

She pretended to look distraught as she looked around, fiddling with her belt, placing a hand on her face, and shaking her head. Text in the video read, “Selling ta ta sweat and $1,000 toot jars has gotten my 130k tiktok account removed, shame from my eastern european family, and landed me in the hospital with a fart attack. Sometimes i wonder if its all worth it???”

Stephanie received a fair amount of support in the comments section, many of her fans telling her to keep doing what she’s doing, despite the haters.

90 Day Fiance fans support Stephanie who says the post was ‘mostly a joke’

One comment, in particular, caught Stephanie’s attention, however. Mentioning Stephanie’s comment about her family disapproving of her choices, the fan asked, “Is it worth losing family though? No hate, just genuinely wondering how you feel about that side of your business.”

Stephanie assured her followers that she was only kidding. “@chasing__days its mostly a joke, theyre supportive lol,” she responded.

Stephanie Matto's fans' comments on IG
Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

Joking aside, Stephanie takes her business ventures seriously. She recently said that she hopes others will laugh but also be inspired by her innovative side hustles.

“I want to empower other creators to get creative and make income in ways they never imagined, and so I hope that my weird and outlandish side hustles can make people laugh but also inspire [them],” Stephanie admitted.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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