90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima responds to comment about Colt Johnson

Larissa and Colt
After a fan commented about Colt Johnson on Larissa Lima’s post, Larissa responded. Pic credit: TLC

Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson ended their marriage after only six months and had their divorce finalized in April of 2019, but 90 Day Fiance fans still have lingering questions about their current relationship.

Since Larissa moved back to Vegas, which is where Colt lives, the question has arisen of whether they are still in communication.

Colt has since married Vanessa Guerra, who appeared alongside him on 90 Day: The Single Life and Larissa used this information to respond to an inquisitive fan after they asked about Colt.

Larissa Lima answered fan question asking about relationship with ex-husband Colt Johnson

Larissa is very engaged with her fans and haters on social media and often does Q&As or responds to 90 Day viewers in her comments. This was apparent when she replied to an admirer asking her about her ex-husband Colt.

Larissa posted a gym selfie, which she geotagged in Las Vegas, where she has been living again since November of 2021. Larissa had lived in Las Vegas previously while she was married and after their divorce before moving to Colorado with her then-boyfriend Eric Nichols.

A fan in Larissa comments wrote, “You’re not going to see Colt are you?”

Larissa replied, “He’s married.”

Larissa Lima's IG post and comments
Larissa responded to a follower after they asked about her ex-husband Colt Johnson, Pic credit: TLC

Larissa’s response signifies that she potentially respects the relationship that Colt is in now, but her short reply does leave some of her feelings open for interpretation.

Larissa Lima has been spotted with fellow 90 Day Fiance star Tom Brooks and his girlfriend Mariah Fineman

Larissa Lima has been hanging out with fellow 90 Day Fiance alum Tom Brooks and his girlfriend Mariah Fineman at several events in Las Vegas.

Each of them has posted on their Instagrams at different events, which included Angela Deem’s birthday party in Vegas.

Since the trio all seem to be a part of the Vegas scene now, it’s possible that fans will continue to see more of them together.

After the first event where the three hung out, many 90 Day Fiance critics compared Larissa and Mariah’s similar looks and posed the idea that Larissa would be Tom’s type.

Tom’s ex-girlfriend Darcey is no stranger to plastic surgery much like Larissa, but unlike those ladies, Mariah has not come out publically to say whether she has had any work done.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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