90 Day Fiance star Jen Boecher ‘agrees’ that Rishi’s proposals ‘mean nothing’

Jen and Rishi TLC confessional
Jen responded to a 90 Day Fiance fan account meme regarding Rishi’s marriage proposals. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 star Jen Boecher thinks that her fiance, Rishi Singh’s proposals were “meaningless.”

This season, viewers were introduced to Jen and Rishi. Jen, a native of Oklahoma, and Rishi, a resident of India, fell in love during Jen’s solo trip to India.

Their love story is currently playing out on Season 4 of The Other Way, and already, they’ve faced troubles in their romance, namely secret-keeping.

Rishi and Jen are already engaged, but Rishi’s family has no clue. In fact, they’re still actively trying to find him a wife.

In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Rishi re-proposed to Jen for a second time, solidifying his commitment to her. However, their engagement is still hush-hush as far as his family is concerned.

The topic of Rishi’s proposals popped up on a 90 Day Fiance fan page on Instagram. The meme pictured Jen during a scene, stating, “and he reproposed.”

The text above Jen read, “Both of Rishi’s marriage proposals mean nothing unless he tells his parents and they accept Jen..”

Apparently, Jen keeps up with the 90 Day Fiance fan accounts because she shared a screenshot of the post in her own IG Story. Along with the photo, Jen offered her two cents on the situation.

Jen Boecher agrees with 90 Day Fiance viewers about Rishi Singh’s marriage proposals meaning ‘nothing’

Jen drew an arrow pointing to the statement about Rishi’s proposal meaning “nothing” and wrote in all caps, “AGREED!!!”

Jen added a gif of a circus tent that said, “Ringmaster of the S**t Show” and explained her take on the comments.

jen boecher agrees with 90 day fiance fans about rishi's proposals in her Instagram story
Jen shared a screenshot from a 90 Day Fiance fan account and agreed with the meme. Pic credit: @jenboecher/Instagram

“I think it sounds better to say, ‘NEITHER of Rishi’s …. means ANYTHING unless…'” Jen wrote.

She continued, “HOWEVER, I DO realize that being more focused on how to phrase it, rather than the point being made here, reflects poorly on my priorities.”

Are Jen and Rishi still a couple?

With so much secrecy in their relationship — on top of the fact that Rishi sent a shirtless pic to one of Jen’s friends who catfished him — 90 Day Fiance viewers have been wondering whether Jen and Rishi are still an item.

Cast members aren’t supposed to spill any tea regarding their relationships while their current season is airing. However, a comment Rishi recently made on one of Jen’s IG posts may have offered some insight into their relationship status.

Rishi wrote to Jen, “I missed this lovely session but I love these all the comments… People understand us and love us thank you all the lovely people for your love and support.. love form india and love you babe @jenboecher you made my day I open my eyes and I found you here.”

90 Day Fiance viewers will get to watch more of Jen and Rishi’s love story unfold this Sunday. The April 9 episode, titled One Hand Does Not Clap, teases Jen and Rishi reuniting in India after she was forced to return to the U.S. due to a misunderstanding about her visa.

Whether Rishi will finally tell his parents about Jen remains to be seen, so stay tuned this season to see how it all pans out.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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