90 Day Fiance – Star crossed: Jenny and Sumit fight the good fight despite their differing Zodiac

90 Day Fiance Jenny and Sumit go to an astrologer.
90 Day Fiance’s Jenny and Sumit know the importance of astrology. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh know the importance of a good astrological match. One of the episodes from this season even featured them going to Sumit’s family astrologer, who suggested the couple take things slow and steady, to wait before rushing into a marriage, much to Jenny’s dismay.

However, this advice makes perfect sense given their Zodiac signs.

Jenny the emotional Scorpio

Jenny is a Scorpio who lets her heart lead the way. Scorpio is a water sign so it is quite an emotional sign. It is also a very loyal and committed sign, as is evidenced by this being Jenny’s fourth trip to India to be with Sumit. Despite the multiple failed attempts at marriage, Jenny remains committed to the relationship and to Sumit. In fact, fans have often questioned if Jenny is ride or die, or just naive. But ride or die is a Scorpio’s middle name. Although if you truly cross them, watch out, because they are not the sign of the scorpion for nothing and when the stinger comes out, it is not pretty.

Due to Scorpio’s emotional nature, they can be prone to have emotional outbursts and reactions, which is something we have definitely noticed about Jenny. No shade though, because four trips to India, three failed marriage attempts, two major lies on Sumit’s part, and one pair of angry in-laws, would be enough to make anyone a little cranky. But it does happen to be a Scorpio calling card to have big blowups with emotions spilling all over the place.

But Scorpios have so many good qualities and are capable of making such deep, lasting connections their partners are often willing to look past some of the emotional hiccups and take them for what they are, a side effect of caring so much.

Sumit the free-flowing Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign, very free-floating and prone to be light on their feet. Their calm and cool demeanor can often come off as uncaring but in reality, they are very thoughtful and intellectual. They can be very community-focused, as Sumit demonstrates by his desire to please his parents and his close-knit Indian community.

But to a Scorpio like Jenny who craves deep and emotional intimacy, their airy ways can be frustrating and evasive. The Aquarius is much more intellectual, so where a Scorpio makes decisions with their heart, an Aquarius makes decisions more with their heads and that’s where the two can cross wires. Jenny can feel like Sumit just doesn’t care while he can feel like she is being overly emotional. We watched this dynamic play out when Jenny thought her visa was not being renewed and she and Sumit got into an argument. Jenny fired at Sumit while he tried to calmly talk through their options, a classic Scorpio/Aquarius interaction.

Slow and steady can win the race

So can these two be a good long-term match? As the astrologer said, slow and steady will win the race for this couple.

Their signs can often create a strong physical attraction to each other and are able to create bonds, but it usually takes some time. The two are not the most compatible signs as their communication, thought processes, fighting styles, and emotional realms are on completely different playing fields.

Sumit’s parents moving in is also really not helping the couple’s cause. With the constant emotional onslaught, Sumit’s mom is showering daily on Jenny, her Scorpio stinger is bound to come out sometime and it will not be pretty when it does. But Sumit’s mother isn’t the only one coming at Jenny over her dirty kitchen, as fans also fired at Jenny this week over her sloppy housekeeping. With all this stress placed firmly on Jenny’s shoulders, we are not looking forward to the Scorpio fallout that is bound to come.

But according to the astrologer, if the two take their time with the marriage piece, they could actually build something. And the key with pairing these two signs is slow and steady. Allowing the two to get used to their differences and learn effective communication is the key to their success.

But even that might not be enough as it can be very difficult to overcome the basic incompatibility of these signs. Jenny may never feel the full level of commitment, legally or emotionally that she desires from Sumit but that doesn’t mean the two can’t work within their signs and have a good relationship.

Jenny and Sumit have made it this far and we feel pretty confident that the two can take their relationship all the way, star crossed or not.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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