90 Day Fiance – Star crossed: Alina and Steven’s fault is not in their stars

Steven and Alina
Steven and Alina have perfect astro chemistry. Pic credit: TLC

Honestly, these two’s signs make so much sense. 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Steven Johnston’s oddball ways are classic Sagittarius and Alina’s light and fairylike demeanor is a trademark Aquarius.

Steven the Sag

Steven is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the airiest of the fire signs. They are often a little different, sometimes a little odd. Case and point: Steven. They march to the beat of their own drummer and tend to not worry about Earthly details like time, or finances. Which makes sense as their symbol is the archer, which is said to symbolize the connection between the Earth and the cosmos. So, it’s no wonder their heads tend to be in the clouds.

They are usually on the go and love travel, they also tend to be very creative and intelligent, if a little bit flighty. Many Sagittarius turn out to be in creative pursuits, including musicians, writers, artists, etc.

While they do have a lot of airy tendencies Sagittarius is a fire sign, meaning they can have deep passions and can pursue their passions with fiery intensity. In fact, that can cause some of their forgetfulness. They are likely to run after whichever passion is calling to them at the moment.

It’s a beautiful match with the air sign Aquarius, which just happens to be Steven’s love Alina’s sign.

Alina the Aquarius

Alina is an Aquarius which makes so much sense. Aquarius is an air sign which many people are confused by since their symbol is the water carrier. But they are in fact an air sign and a very creative one at that.

The water bearer is about dispersing knowledge and creativity, about freedom and washing away the past to bring in new starts.

They love to learn new things and dabble in all kinds of artistic pursuits, which explains Alina’s love of photography, painting, and travel. They are very light on their feet and have an almost fairy-like disposition as their air element makes them more ethereal than earthbound.

Aquarius also likes to march to the beat of their own drummer, which speaks to why Alina would not find Steven’s quirkiness offputting and instead finds it cute and endearing. The two bond over their love of travel and languages and the couple has a lot in common in these areas. In fact, language is what brought the couple together as they met on a language learning app.

Steven and Alina: Flighty and flirty

The struggle with these two signs is that no one has their feet on the ground. Both are prone to blow whichever way the wind takes them. So grounded, logical decisions are not generally in the cards for these two. Pair that with their youth and it’s no wonder the two are all over the place.

We ranked this duo as fourth and dropping on our Most Likely to Succeed list due to their youthful follies.

These signs are fun, and flirty which can lead to trouble in committed relationships, which is exactly what we are seeing play out with Steven and Alina. Commitment is not the forte of these two signs. While they absolutely can commit, it will most likely be on their terms which are often non-traditional.

But overall these two signs are generally an amazing, creative, and exciting match.

So while Steven and Alina are not doing so well currently as a couple, it is certainly not because of their stars, because those are perfectly aligned.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+

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