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90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson admits he wishes he could work things out with Larissa

Colt on 90 Day Fiance
Colt and Larissa may be over but he wishes they were not. Pic credit: TLC

Colt and Larissa are the first to finalize a divorce out of the latest crop of 90 Day Fiance stars but things definitely didn’t work out the way that Colt wanted.

At the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All, Colt made it clear that if he had things his way, he and Larissa would still be together today.

In a 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? sneak peek,  Shaun Robinson brought up the time when Larissa flushed her wedding ring down the toilet, asking Colt how that made him feel.

Naturally, it didn’t feel good because the ring was a symbol of their union.

Then, Shaun turned his attention to the rest of the 90 Day Fiance stars, asking them if they have ever taken off their wedding rings after a fight with their significant other.

Jay admitted that he has taken his ring off but explained that he put it on another finger, “not throwing it away.” Jay said that he won’t get rid of his ring because he loves it.

Russ said that he has never removed his ring in anger but Paola admitted that she’s done it. Even Nicole said she got upset enough with Azan to take her ring off once during a trip.

Then, Colt dropped a total shocker, admitting that he wouldn’t rule out a reconciliation with Larissa.

“Every time I tried to talk to her, she ignored me,” Colt explained. “But I wish I would’ve been more patient with Larissa. I don’t think it’s possible, but if Larissa and I could sit down and not argue and be understanding and patient, I guess I would want to get back with Larissa”

Even Larissa, who debuted her new man Eric Nichols during the Tell All teased with “never say never” after Colt said he’d want to get back together.

Is it really possible that Colt and Larissa might actually want to reconcile? The look on Mother Debbie’s face makes it clear that she definitely doesn’t want that to happen.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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