90 Day Fiance star Anna Campisi shows off trimmer-than-ever physique following 94-pound weight loss

anna campisi records a confessional on 90 day fiance
Anna has lost nearly 100 pounds since having weight-loss surgery. Pic credit: Discovery+

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from 90 Day Fiance alum Anna Campisi.

The mom of four has remained busy raising her sons and running her business with her husband, Mursel Mistanoglu.

On top of that, Anna has been prioritizing her health, recently undergoing weight-loss surgery eight months ago.

Since she’s recovered from surgery, Anna has been focused on staying healthy, and since having surgery in April, she’s lost nearly 100 pounds.

Anna shared a look at her new and improved physique on Instagram, looking like a completely different person.

The 39-year-old beekeeper uploaded a photo of herself clad in a black form-fitting top and jeans as she posed for a carefree shot.

90 Day Fiance star Anna Campisi has lost nearly 100 pounds since undergoing bariatric surgery

Anna wished her fans and followers a good morning and updated them on her weight loss in the caption.

“This holiday season has been busy! I have made it to Onederland! I’ve lost 94 pounds since April 15!” Anna began.

Anna added that she’s now below 200 pounds after weighing nearly 300 pounds just several months ago. And not only is she lighter, but her health has improved as a result.

“I started at 284 and I am at 190! I’ve got 30-50 pounds to go to get to my goal weight,” Anna continued. “I’m no longer in pain when I walk or out of breath. I can keep up with Gokhan. My hair is growing back, I have a ton of new growth!”

Anna’s efforts were applauded by her Instagram fans and followers, who expressed their happiness for her in the comments of her post.

Anna’s fans are blown away by her progress

“Stunningly beautiful,” wrote one of Anna’s admirers. “Then and now. Your accomplishments are great!! Way to go!”

anna campisi's instagram followers gush over her weight loss
Anna’s fans applaud her weight-loss efforts. Pic credit: @annamcampisi/Instagram

Another Instagram user commented, “Omg wow Anna I’m so proud of you. I know how far you’ve come..”

“You look fabulous,” read another compliment from a fan who felt Anna’s weight loss had turned back the hands of time. “Ten years younger. Great for your health.”

Anna is thriving following some surgical setbacks

Anna’s bariatric surgery has yielded amazing results but hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Anna suffered a blood clot two months after undergoing surgery.

After experiencing “severe” abdominal pain, Anna was hospitalized and put on a heparin drip while being monitored.

Anna spent several days in the hospital before being discharged and allowed to return home to her husband, Mursel, and her sons, Joey, Gino, Leo, and Gokhan.

Now that Anna is fully healed from her surgery, she can continue to reap the benefits, including looking better than ever. And, like she mentioned, she’s hoping to shed even more weight in the coming months.

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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