90 Day Fiance spoilers: Sophie Sierra has her own bathroom now after moving out of Rob’s apartment

Sophie Sierra on 90 Day Fiance
Sophie shared her first GRWM video from her new bathroom. Pic credit: TLC

Christmas came early for 90 Day Fiance star Sophie Sierra because she has a new apartment with a very special feature — a bathroom.

Normally, those bougie details are only found in luxury apartments in Dubai or Spain, but Sophie got lucky and found a lovely place complete with a bathroom on the inside.

The 23-year-old immediately made use of the space as she went on Instagram Live recently.

It didn’t take long for viewers to realize that Sophie was filming inside her bathroom, and they had a lot to say about that.

What we don’t know is whether Sophie convinced Rob to move into a new home in the US or if she moved back to the UK.

The latter wouldn’t be surprising since Rob’s attitude has been rubbing fans the wrong way. However, we’re only a few episodes into the season, so let’s see if he will change his ways and start acting right.

If not, there are at least two other 90 Day Fiance stars, Jamal Menzies and River Everett, waiting in the wings to take his spot.

They were recently on Sophie’s Live video trying to get flirty with the UK native.

Sophie has a stunning new bathroom inside her new apartment

Sophie filmed her first “Get ready with me” video in her bathroom, and people instantly took notice.

She posted the clip online and wrote, “First GRWM video 🩷I missed out some of my make up steps but will make a more in depth video soon 🥰 #grwm #grwmmakeup #90dayfiance.”

Meanwhile, viewers expressed their excitement to see that Sophie’s living conditions have improved.

“This appears to be a real bathroom! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾yes!!!” said one commenter.

“Glad you have your own bathroom! And you are a beauty!” said someone else.

90 Day Fiance viewers comment on Sophie Sierra's video
Pic credit: @sophiesierra98/Instagram

One person wrote, “You are super beautiful girl. I’m so happy you are in a clean bathroom. Beautiful 🏡 place.”

Another added, “So glad you have a bathroom now! You’re so gorgeous inside and out.”

Sophie Sierra and Rob Werne had a rocky start

Sophie had just arrived in the US, and it’s been rocky since the moment her feet touched American soil.

Not only did she have to endure a cringey airport dance, but after Rob proposed to her, the pair got stuck inside an elevator, and an argument ensued.

This all went down at the airport, and the bickering didn’t end there.

When Sophie got to Rob’s dingy apartment, they got into another argument about the bathroom.

However, the couple will have more serious issues to contend with in future episodes, like the subject of having kids. Sophie is not sure she wants to be a mom, and Rob cannot see a future without kids.

Can they find a way to compromise?

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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StarLawrence&Catty Kat
StarLawrence&Catty Kat
7 months ago

How could Rob’s apt with that outside bathroom even be to code in Los Angeles?