90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Mohamed believes Yve’s friends are manipulating her

Mohamed Abdelhamed thinks Yve's friends are manipulating her.
Mohamed thinks Yve’s friends are manipulating her. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Mohamed Abdelhamed relayed some strong feelings about Yve’s behavior regarding how her friends perceive their relationship. 

Mohamed believes that Yve’s friends entice her to act as if she did not know the type of person Mohamed was before he came to the states. 

Mohamed thinks Yve’s friends are manipulating her

In a sneak peek of the upcoming 90 Day Fiance episode, Mohamed and Yve had an in-depth conversation about expectations. Mohamed wanted to emphasize that he had been clear about his desires and religious ways far in advance of coming to the United States. 

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Yve, however, wanted to voice that she was unaware of all the changes she would have to make in her life just to be with Mohamed. 

Mohamed said, “She doesn’t have to convert to my religion, but I expected Yve to respect my culture because she decided to be with me.”

Mohamed and Yve seemed to not be on the same page, as Yve told Mohamed that she was also very clear about what she wanted. Yve said, “I want you to accept who I am. Do you to accept that I am [an] American woman? That I am not Islamic, and I’m not Muslim.” 

Mohamed mentioned that he believes Yve is trying to depict him in a manner that makes him seem like he is trying to control her. 

Mohammed said, “You want to achieve that I am trying to control you.” 

Mohammed thinks Yve’s attitude towards him is because of her friends and that Yve is making a bigger deal out of everything now because of her friend’s opinion of Mohamed. 

Mohamed Thinks Yve’s Friends Are Manipulating Her | 90 Day Fiancé

Yve claims that she did not think that Mohamed’s religious ways were ‘reality’

While Yve and Mohammed were doing a confessional with the camera crew, Yve admitted that she did not think Mohamed’s way of life was a “real reality.” 

Mohamed kept emphasizing that he made his religious ways and the importance of his culture clear to Yve and reiterated that Yve had visited the society he lived in four times and knew what type of person he was. 

In response, Yve said, “But that’s not like real reality, like, we’re on vacation, you know? So, I didn’t get to like see the day in, day out, of, like, how a person would like normally act.” 

Mohamed thought his expectations for Yve regarding his culture and religion were not something that needed to be explained to her while they were on vacation; however, now, because of the lack of communication, the two are faced with even more significant issues which could ultimately lead to the demise of their relationship. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c.

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1 year ago

He sure is on point with this one! Yve acted different when they met, now she’s being horrible to him!

1 year ago

And her “friends” are out of like, just like many other couples on this show, current and past! Yve needs to tell them to mins their own business and stay out of the relationship. She’s just like many of these couples, other people butt in where they shouldn’t, and she allows it, and even encourages it, by telling them EVERYTHING! I can’t stand her either.”