90 Day Fiance spoilers: Memphis Smith reveals that she is pregnant

Memphis Smith reveals some exciting news.
Memphis Smith reveals that she is pregnant. Pic credit: TLC

Congratulations are in order for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii as Memphis has revealed that she is pregnant. 

In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days, Memphis revealed to Hamza that she is pregnant. Hamza was in such a shock when he found out. 

Hamza was initially surprised when Memphis revealed that pregnancy

Hamza thought for a moment that Memphis was playing games with him as she had only been in Tunisia for two weeks, so Memphis getting pregnant was fairly quick. However, after the initial shock wore off and Memphis showed Hamza the pregnancy test, Hamza was filled with joy. 

Memphis revealed in the clip that she had been feeling sick for a few days and had decided to sneak out to the pharmacy to obtain a pregnancy test. 

Memphis said, “I was not trying to get pregnant on this trip, but we weren’t taking a lot of precaution.” Memphis went on to say that the idea of having more kids was “really stressful,” as she already has two kids and they are pretty much settled. 

90 Day Fiance Fans have mixed feelings about the pregnancy

There were many emotions circulating amongst the fans. Some fans were overjoyed that Hamza and Memphis were having a baby, whereas others were a bit more cautious. 

One fan wrote, “This reminds me of Tiffany and Ronald. Pregnancy doesn’t make your relationship successful! I think it’s too soon. I hope they are able to improve their communication and establish respect and trust. A baby only makes things more complicated look at khalani and asuelo a mess!” 

One fan compared the two to Ronald and Tiffany and was concerned they were bringing a baby in to save the relationship.
One fan thinks that a baby only makes things more complicated. Pic credit: 90 Day Fiance/YouTube

Another fan commented, “His facial expression was priceless when he learned he would be a dad. It gave me chills. It was the best part of this entire episode. We have seen happy from him but his smile when he saw the pregnancy test definitely takes the cake on beyond happy.”

Fans are happy to see the two are having a baby.
Fans are ecstatic to see how excited Hamza was once he saw the pregnancy test. Pic credit: 90DayFiance/ YouTube

Fans of 90 Day Fiance definitely had opposite opinions when it came to Memphis and the pregnancy. Although fans were not all on board with the news, fans have acknowledged just how far the two have come over the season, and they are thrilled and happy to see the two in such bliss. 

Another fan chimed in and said, “This was so heartfelt! I cried so much to this scene and them telling the mom. I hope they work out and it is so refreshing seeing such a young guy like Hamza being so happy for the pregnancy news. His reaction was so sincere and lovely.” 

Fans are hopeful that the two will work things out.
Fans are happy to see Hamza so excited and hope that the two work out their problems. Pic credit:90DayFiance/YouTube

Although the two have had their issues throughout the season, their love has prevailed, and they will be welcoming a little bundle of joy in the near future. 

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on TLC Sundays at 8/7c

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2 years ago

She had to be pregnant when she arrived there. He’s could t be the father.

2 years ago

Too bad because he’s not the kids father, the timing is wrong and the (some) viewers are not stupid enough to believe this lying chick! Sorry to hear this news, because it’s going to be treated as if Hamza got her pregnant, then he will have child support payments for 18 years, for a kid that’s not his! This is after they split, since it’s obvious that they won’t make it, they can’t even speak to each other without a translating device, and she’s a known liar. Hamza deserves better!