90 Day Fiance spoilers: Kobe is eager to meet his son but Emily wants a date night instead

Kobe is excited to meet his son Koban, but Emily wants a date night first.
Kobe desperately wants to meet his son Koban, however, he and Emily are on separate pages. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly already have some bumps in the road, and it is just the beginning.

The two have been apart for years; the first thing on Kobe’s mind was to meet his son Koban. However, Emily had other plans. 

Emily proposed a date night for the two

Emily was looking to have a little bit of fun with Kobe before allowing him to meet their son, Koban.

The reunion between Kobe and Emily at the airport should have been exciting for the two.

Once Emily arrived at the airport, Kobe was highly disappointed when he saw that Emily did not bring their son. 

Emily wanted to ensure that the two were still attracted to one another without the presence of their child.

Fans side with Kobe 

Although many fans side with Emily and understand her point of view, many fans were actually on the opposing team. 

Many fans understood why Kobe did not like the idea of going straight to a hotel and having a date night without seeing his son first.  

Because Kobe had been gone for so long and had never met his son in person, fans understood his despair surrounding the situation.

One fan commented, “I mean… yeah, I understand her point of view… but I 100% understand his point of view… at this point, you guys have a baby together, and that’s not right to make him wait to meet his son. :( he’s already excited, and making him wait will progress into an argument..” 

Although many fans tried to agree with Kobe respectfully, without showing their utter disdain for Emily, some could not hold back their feelings. 

90 Day Fiance fan takes aim at Emily on 90 Day Fiance
Pic credit: Luz Diaz/YouTube

One fan commented, “Honestly, she is so immature. When you’re a parent, intimacy shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind. This man wants to see his baby boy, and it’s almost like you’re keeping him away from his son if you don’t get it in.” 

JAA comments on how patient Kobe from 90 Day Fiance is
Pic credit: JAA/YouTube

Some fans even felt that Emily should have taken Kobe to see Koban and planned a date night for the two afterward.

One fan chimed in and said, “If I did not get to see my son for 2 years, I would be incredibly offended by how selfish she’s being. She can have her man at night and plan out date nights. The man wants to see his son. Let him see his son.” 

Katie Tye defends Kobe wanting to see his son on 90 Day FIance
Pic credit: Katie Tye/YouTube

While the two still have to navigate through their new normal with Koban, fans will have to wait and see the result if Emily changes her mind and allows Kobe to see his son.

 90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c

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