90 Day Fiance spoilers: Kimberly Menzies proposes to Sojaboy

90 Day Fiance star Kimberly Menzies asks Sojaboy to marry her.
Kim Menzies pops the question to Sojaboy. Pic credit: TLC

Things are about to get very interesting in the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and viewers already have a lot to say about it.

All eyes will be on Kimberly Menzies when she makes a bold gesture with her boyfriend Usman Umar, who goes by the stage name Sojaboy.

In a sneak peek of Sunday’s episode Kimberly decided to take matters into her own hands and propose to the Nigerian rapper.

She had the place decorated with red roses petals, candles, and champagne as she waited for Sojaboy to arrive home, and then she popped the question.

“You know how much I love you, like more than you probably even know, okay, and we’ve been through a lot in two years,” said Kimberly.

“So I’m gonna ask you a question. Will you marry me?” she added as Sojaboy looked on in surprise.

Kimberly Menzies gets down on one knee and proposes to Sojaboy

Sojaboy was caught off guard by the grand gesture, but Kimberly wasn’t done expressing her love. She went all out with her proposal by going down on one knee.

However, a proposal wouldn’t be complete without a ring, and The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star not only had one ring but also a backup option since she wasn’t sure of Sojaboy’s ring size.

“If marrying you is what will make you happy in this life, I’m ready to marry you, I’m telling you,” he responded. “I never expected this, and I will repeat and say, yes, yes, yes yes.”

Kimberly put the ring on Sojaboy’s finger, and while the first one didn’t fit, the second option was a perfect size for the 33-year-old.

In his confessional, Sojaboy noted that while it wasn’t in his culture for a woman to propose to a man, he felt the gesture was “beautiful.” However, 90 Day viewers felt differently.

90 Day Fiance viewers bash Kimberly Menzies for proposing to Sojaboy

A clip of Kimberly’s proposal was shared by a fan and some viewers had a lot to say about the bold gesture.

“This is funny but also so very sad. She is a broken Codependent woman that deserves SO MUCH BETTER,” noted one commenter.

“Oh Kimbally. Why are you doing this to yourself? ??‍♀️” added someone else.

Kimberly Menzies bashed for proposing to Usman Umar.
Pic credit: @truecrime_janky/Instagram

People also commented that if Kimberly does marry Sojaboy she would not be his only wife — a topic the couple has discussed since the 52-year-old is unable to give him a child.

“Ridiculous!! proposing to be a 2nd wife?” wrote one Instagram user.

Someone else also added, “This women is such a fool, reeks of desperation.”

It’s clear that viewers aren’t so fond of the way things went down between the two of them.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Connie Little
Connie Little
1 year ago

She keeps saying she won’t put up with this or that but she clearly will.

nancy richardson
nancy richardson
1 year ago

II cant believe Kim! She has the nerve to tell Usman that he cant meet with a possible wife while she is there. Kim is basically asking him to disrespect his mothers wishes and respect hers instead. NO!!!!!!! She is basically asking him to put her wishes first. Kim says that in the past she has had to be second place, well it is not fair to put that on Usman because it is not his fault. Why does have to make up for her past?