90 Day Fiance spoilers: Emily denies breaking up Sasha’s marriage, calls ex-wife ‘super bitter’

Emily on 90 Day Fiance
Emily has been defending her relationship with Sasha. Pic credit: TLC

Emily and Sasha have recently been introduced on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance and already, viewers are in shock after learning that he has three different children with three different women.

The way things have played out so far, Sasha has clearly been made out to be the latest villain, with accusations that he left each marriage and the baby it produced because he had met another woman. However, a bit of evidence, as well as things that have come straight from Emily, claim otherwise.

Three kids with three different women doesn’t make Sasha look like a saint but from what we’re learning, some of his back story may be dramatized for TV. After all, his first ex-wife did make it sound like he was marrying one woman and then moving on after finding another that he liked better.

The evidence that we’re speaking of comes from @fraudedbytlc, an Instagram blogger with a brand new 90 Day Fiance podcast that has been getting rave reviews. Frauded, whose real name is Katrina, posted a copy of Sasha’s divorce decree. It’s all written in Russian but has been translated and what it reveals is that his divorce from his first wife was granted in 2012.

What it proves is that Sasha did not get his second wife pregnant while still with the first and then leave one for the other because his second son wasn’t born until 2014.

Now, Emily is speaking out about the end of Sasha’s relationship and she wants 90 Day Fiance fans to know she’s no homewrecker.

Emily has been very vocal on social media, giving fans updates before we’ve really been able to get to know her on the TLC series. In the latest, a comment caught by @reealityteavee on Instagram, Emily denies that she broke up Sasha’s marriage.

Instead, she insists that he was already separated and headed for divorce before they ever hooked up.

“Sasha and his second ex were SEPARATED as in beginning the divorce process,” Emily wrote. “Like many people who have gone on this show before I. His 2nd ex found a new boyfriend and Sasha and I started to have conversations beyond hi and goodbye.”

“When Sasha’s second exes new boyfriend didn’t work out she got super bitter,” Emily claims.

Emily defends her relationship with Sasha on 90 Day Fiance
Emily doesn’t like what people are saying about her relationship with Sasha. Pic credit: @reealityteavee/Instagram

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