90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Bilal brings up talk about a prenup

Bilal springs talk about a prenup on Shaeeda.
Bilal brings up the idea of a prenup to Shaeeda. Pic credit: TLC

Bilal Hazziez is back to his regularly scheduled antics, as seen in this week’s sneak peek of 90 Day Fiance. 

Bilal and Shaeeda went on what seemed like a romantic date; however, while the two were floating on cloud nine, Bilal decided to throw a wrench in the plan and bring up talks about a prenuptial agreement. 

Bilal brings up the idea of a prenuptial agreement 

In a sneak peek of 90 Day Fiance, Bilal and Shaeeda were on a romantic date. Bilal decided to take Shaeeda on Skyview Atlanta, essentially a ferris wheel ride overlooking the city. 

To go along with a romantic ride, Bilal also planned to drop a bomb on Shaeeda while they were up in the air to inform her that he had received an email about their prenuptial agreement, which he tried to refer to as a “marriage contract” to lessen the blow. 

Shaeeda was immediately taken aback when Bilal started talking about the prenuptial agreement because she and Bilal had spoken about it previously, and she had informed Bilal that she wanted no part of it. 

Shaeeda said, “I am in complete shock right now. Before I came here, Bilal had only mentioned the idea of a prenuptial agreement, and I was adamant that it was not for me, and we didn’t speak about it again. I did not even know that he was still thinking about a prenuptial agreement, let alone having a lawyer write up a copy.” 

Bilal’s plan to distract Shaeeda from her fear of heights with talks about a prenup backfired 

Bilal quickly jumped into defense mode after seeing just how distraught Shaeeda was. 

Bilal said that he did not intend to bring up the prenuptial agreement talk in that specific environment because he knows Shaeeda is afraid of heights and that they were trying to have a romantic evening. 

Still, he felt that it was something that he desperately needed to discuss with her regardless of the environment. 

Bilal said, “In hindsight, I probably should have picked a better time to do that. Her mood changed quickly. I thought I was doing something good to kind of take her mind off of the height, but it ended up being something bad. Definitely backfired.” 

Bilal bringing up the conversation of a prenuptial agreement while hundreds of feet in the air wasn’t one of his best ideas, but fortunately, he has taken accountability for that and acknowledged that it was wrong. Hopefully, Bilal can continue to recognize his faults, and he and Shaeeda can continue to grow as a couple. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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Nancy J Rodstrom
Nancy J Rodstrom
2 years ago

I don’t know when this was filmed but I pray with all my heart and soul, the beautiful Shaeeda has gone home. You deserve better than this. Get your own guy at home. Just when I think this “man” can’t bottom feed any deeper, he pulls this stunt about the pre-nump. I’m torn between he is a complete idiot OR, this was one more way to chop down her self-esteem. Shaeeda, don’t die from verbal knives of a thousand cuts. Love you — SHAEEDA!