90 Day Fiance spoiler: Emily has strong reaction to Kobe and his friend Temperature

Emily Bieberly
Emily Bieberly strongly reacted to several things brought to her attention by Kobe Blaise’s friend. Pic credit: TLC

Things will get heated between Emily Bieberly, her Cameroonian fiance Kobe Blaise and Kobe’s friend, Temperature.

Not only will Emily epically show disdain for Temperature’s point of view on things, but she will also become enraged after finding out that Kobe told their pregnancy secret to him.

As Emily and Kobe showed off Emily’s dad’s house and their living situation in the basement, Temperature said they should move to Colombus, Ohio. Temperature said there was a huge Cameroonian population there so Kobe would feel more comfortable, and he pressed that Kobe and Emily needed their own home.

Emily quickly shut Temperature’s rhetoric down and said, “We’re not moving to Colombus.”

In her private interview, Emily slammed, “I am totally taken aback. Like he’s stepping out of line, he’s not in this relationship, he’s not marrying the guy, he doesn’t have a kid on the way. So he doesn’t need to sit here putting in his two cents to my fiance about moving to Ohio, being pretty intense about it.”

In the conversation with Temperature, Emily explained, “We have a lot going on right now, so we just need to stay close to family until, you know, a couple of years.”

To which Temperature asserted, “It’s like I’m just yeah, you’re making decisions, have you discussed that with Kobe already? No, you’re just telling Kobe what you are going to do. That does not sound right.”

Kobe Blaise had something to say about Emily Bieberly and Temperature’s exchange

Kobe had some opinions on the situation during his private interview, saying, “Before coming to America, I didn’t really think I was going to miss, you know, like my community, my circle, you know? But Temperature said a lot of things that made me to think a lot that could possibly change, you know, our future together me and Emily.”

In the tense conversation, Kobe said, “We need to talk about that again, babe. What do you think? Right now, you’re making decisions like telling us what to do.”

Emily retorted, “I’m just saying hypothetically, we’ll probably stay here for two years.”

Kobe asked, “Did we discuss about that?”

Emily clapped back, “Okay, so what? Do you want to get your green card and your work permit and then just move to Colombus? Is that what you want?”

Kobe replied, “Did I say that? Did I say that?”

Emily snapped, “But I’m asking you.”

Kobe paced a little bit before saying, “Man, I’m just so tired of fighting,” as he rubbed his eyes.

Temperature stepped back into the conversation and told a secret

Temperature intervened in Emily and Kobe’s escalating discussion and said, “Remember, you are starting a new life now, right? You are building a new family with those two kids. You need to be in a new environment.”

Emily abruptly stopped him and asked, “Okay, wait, stop.” She looked at Kobe and questioned, “You told him?” After Kobe looked around and didn’t respond, Emily asked, “Why would you f*****g do that?”

Kobe got upset and used expletives to ask why it was a problem that he told his friend, to which Emily responded by saying, “Because you weren’t supposed to tell anybody.”

Kobe countered, “He’s not just anybody. He’s my friend, so.”

Emily called Kobe “so messed up” before exiting the room.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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10 months ago

Kobe needs to DEFINITELY stand up to this controlling witch! She walks all over him and she is an embarrassment to American women EVERYWHERE! I can’t STAND her! Not a likeable person at ALL!