90 Day Fiance: Shekinah Garner shares plastic surgery before-and-afters — See her facelift results

shekinah garner IG story selfie
Shekinah snaps a selfie while discussing her decision to have plastic surgery. Pic credit: @shekinah.garner/Instagram

Shekinah Garner isn’t afraid to cop to the plastic surgery she’s had done.

The 90 Day Fiance personality has been an open book regarding the myriad of facelifts, filler, and other procedures she’s had done to alter her appearance.

The 41-year-old aesthetician opened her Instagram DMs over the weekend when she conducted a Q&A, encouraging her followers to ask her questions.

One of the questions came from a curious fan who asked Shekinah, “Can you name your facelift surgery Dr. plz? Your face looks amazing.”

Shekinah was happy to oblige and uploaded a side-by-side shot depicting the before-and-after results of her facelift along with her plastic surgeon’s Instagram handle.

In the “before” photo, Shekinah appeared to be makeup-free, and her eyes were blurred out. The mom of one was still recognizable, despite her eyes being censored in the pre-surgery pic.

90 Day Fiance star Shekinah Garner shows off her facelift transformation

In the “after” photo, Shekinah’s eyes were again blurred, and her results were subtle yet noticeable.

shekinah garner's facelift results shared on her instagram story
Shekinah showed off the results of her DeepPlane facelift. Pic credit: @shekinah.garner/Instagram

Shekinah’s undereye area, cheeks, and jawline were visibility more lifted and taut as a result of the surgery, which was performed by California-based plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi, who is touted as a double-board certified head, neck, and facial plastic surgeon.

Since Shekinah has undergone two facelifts, whether these photos were from her first or second operation is unclear.

In June 2023, Shekinah was featured on Dr. Kian’s Instagram after undergoing her Deep Plane facelift.

As Dr. Kian explained in the post featuring Shekinah, “‘Deep Plane’ simply means going under the muscle, releasing all the ligaments that are tethering the muscle down to deeper structures, and is really a procedure that is only performed by a few surgeons in the country.”

“Most of the work is done under the muscle, and because not a lot of skin is really separated from the underlying muscle, there’s a far faster recovery.”

In the IG Reel, Shekinah pulled on her face, showing off her skin’s “before” and “after” laxity.

Shekinah is already planning more plastic surgery

In addition to her two facelifts, Shekinah has also had two neck lifts, a brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, lip filler injections, regular Botox injections, two nose jobs, and two breast augmentations.

Her latest venture under the knife occurred last year when she opted for her third nose job.

Shekinah wasn’t fully healed from her rhinoplasty but was already arranging her next surgery.

The TLC star didn’t reveal what she plans to have done next, and it’s hard to imagine what it might be, given all the work she’s already undergone.

But, Shekinah has had identical procedures performed multiple times, so perhaps she’s looking to touch up some past work.

Despite coming under some intense backlash for her decision to continually go under the knife, Shekinah doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.

Shekinah unapologetically noted that looking “fine” isn’t “good enough” for her when asked why she continues to alter her appearance.

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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