90 Day Fiance: Russ Mayfield shows off ‘beautiful wife’ Paola following their recent reconciliation

90 Day Fiance star Russ Mayfield calls his wife Paola Mayfield "beautiful" in latest post
Russ Mayfield shares a photo of his wife Paola Mayfield. Pic credit: PaolaMayfield/YouTube

90 Day Fiance star Russ Mayfield just showed off his “beautiful wife” Paola Mayfield on social media after going through a tough couple of months which resulted in their separation.

The couple was apart for a while after experiencing issues in their marriage.

Russ remained relatively quiet about his marital issues, but the Colombian beauty kept her social media followers in the loop about what was going on. After going their separate ways for a few months, the pair reconciled, and now their marriage is back on track.

And it seems their recent split has taught Russ a thing or two about appreciating his wife because he just shared a sweet post for her on social media.

Russ Mayfield shows off his ‘beautiful wife’ Paola in recent post

Russ Mayfield shared a happy photo of himself and Paola on social media following their recent reconciliation.

In the Instagram post, Paola was clad in jeans shorts and a white crop top, and Russ had his arm tightly wrapped around her waist.

“My beautiful wife caught me grinning ? bc together we keep winning ? even when life gets crazy spinning,” wrote Russ.

The post garnered lots of positive feedback from followers who expressed their happiness in seeing the couple back together.

“Love you both and I wish you the best! Never give up on each other!” wrote one Instagram user.

“You are both incredible on your own but together [you’re] magic!” added another.

Russ Mayfield gets support from 90 Day Fiance viewers
Pic credit: @russ_mayfield/Instagram

Someone else also commented, “I absolutely adore the strength of your love, and the strength of you as a couple. Never ever let go…”

“Strong marriages see everything through! ? You both still look amazing!'” noted someone else.

Russ and Paola also got support from another 90 Day Fiance star, David Toborowsky, who posted two heart emojis.

Russ Mayfield gets support from 90 Day Fiance viewers
Pic credit: @russ_mayfield/Instagram

Paola and Russ Mayfield’s marriage was in trouble a few months ago

Russ and Paola have come a long way from where they were last year when many thought the 90 Day Fiance couple was headed for divorce.

Paola first hinted that there was trouble in her marriage in early 2021 while chatting with her fans on Instagram.

Things in my relationship, they are not that well,” she revealed in a video, but at the time, Paola did not go into details about what was going on.

Soon after that, the newly minted wrestler revealed that she and Russ had split and were spending time apart. However, it seems the holiday season did the couple some good because, in December of 2021, Paola shared a video dancing with Russ along with a message about second chances.

Since then, it appears that the couple has managed to get their marriage back on track, and we’re sure their son Axel is happy to have his mom and dad together again.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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