90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith claims estranged wife Tiffany Franco won’t let him see the kids

Ronald and Tiffany
Ronald is claiming that Tiffany won’t let him see the kids. Pic credit: TLC

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco went through a nasty breakup after their appearance on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?.

They have one child together and Tiffany’s son Daniel from a previous relationship calls Ronald “dad,” so both kids are at the center of it all.

Ronald recently made a since-deleted post introducing his new girlfriend to the world, and Tiffany responded by saying she thinks it’s in poor taste since they are still married, but painfully wished them the best.

Now, it looks like Tiffany may be keeping the kids from Ronald according to a statement made by Ronald to a follower.

Ronald Smith accused estranged wife Tiffany Franco of keeping the kids from him

Tiffany has always sworn to never keep the kids from Ronald because it could do them emotional damage, but Tiffany was obviously hurt by Ronald’s video with a new woman.

Tiffany did say in her response video that she did not want the situation to get messy or nasty signaling that the kids would hopefully not be brought into their adult problems.

However, Ronald got a question from a follower asking, “Are you going to be able to see your kids?”

To which Ronald replied, “no tiffany said I cant so its like that.”

Comments from Ronald to a follower
Pic credit: @ronaldsmith_tlc/Instagram

His strong accusation could have been said out of spite or anger but there also could be truth to the statement.

Ronald has not seen his kids since the holiday season of 2020 but has previously posted pictures that were sent to him by Tiffany.

Daniel has a very close relationship with Ronald and the two frequently talk on the phone, so it would be devasting for Daniel to lose his relationship with Ronald.

The international logistics for Ronald Smith to see his kids are also difficult

Ronald is a recovering gambling addict and Tiffany has never trusted him around money. She often criticized how he spent his money and touted him as irresponsible.

With that said, Tiffany needed her father to sponsor her and Ronald’s spousal visa to get him to America, which means that Tiffany didn’t make enough money per year to qualify for it on her own. The minimum income requirement for a family of three like Tiffany’s is $33,125.

So, with Ronald being bad with money and having a hard time making it in South Africa, and Tiffany living below the poverty line, the expensive international travel required for them to share custody seems very difficult and straining.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Still a hateful bitter female I see. I hope he she’s for custody!

2 years ago
Reply to  MamaD79

Yes she sure is

Linette Davis
Linette Davis
2 years ago

Tiffany should have done what Avery did.She moved to the middle east until Omar got his visa and they came back to the U .S. together.I think she could have tried again to make a life in South Africa.I hope Ronald finds a woman who will really stand by him.And no matter what happens love the kids.