90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott opens up about her condition after fans noticed that she was shaking in latest video

90 Day Fiance star Rebecca Parrott suffering from shakiness but doesn't know the cause
Rebecca Parrott opens up about shakiness after people took notice. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Rebecca Parrott had fans concerned about her well-being after they noticed shaking in one of her videos.

When Rebecca posted a video showing off a new tattoo balm that she recently discovered, social media followers took note. Still, people were more concerned about the fact that Rebecca was sweating and shaking in the video.

It’s not clear what’s been causing the shakiness, but Rebecca recently opened up about the issue and noted that it’s been happening for a few months now, and she has plans to see a specialist.

Rebecca Parrott responds to concerns about her shakiness

The 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram a few hours ago and posted a video about her condition after her followers shared their concerns.

“About my shaking…I really appreciate everyone’s concern about why I’m shaking,” wrote Rebecca in her post. “I don’t know what’s causing the tremors but I’ll be going to see a specialist soon. It’s very odd. But yes I’m ok.”

In the video, Rebecca went into a bit more detail about the odd condition that’s been affecting her life.

“So I saw your comments on…the tattoo video thing that I did the other day, some of you were just being trolls, but some of you were legitimately concerned…” said Rebecca. “So, as you can see, the shaking isn’t so bad right now.”

The TLC star addressed the sweatiness, which people commented on, but she attributed that to a faulty air conditioner. However, the shakiness is a legitimate concern, and Rebecca has plans to get it checked out.

Rebecca Parrott doesnt know what’s causing the shaking

The 90 Day Fiance star went into more details about what she calls “tremors” after fans took note in a recent video and questioned her in the comment section of the post.

“I don’t know what’s causing the shaking. I legitimately don’t,” admitted Rebecca. “It started happening right before we went to LA to film the Tell All — last year or this year, I can’t remember when that was.”

She continued, “At one point, I noticed on that trip that I was holding my phone talking to my mom on video, and I could not hold the phone. It was not shaking but literally tremoring completely, and it sometimes is so bad that it’s just my whole body, and other times it’s just my hands, and they get really bad.”

Rebecca noted that the condition worsens when she’s “under stress” but says she doesn’t know exactly what’s causing it.

“I did talk to my regular doctor about it, and he suggested I go see a neurologist, but it’s not affecting my day-to-day life so much. It’s just sometimes when I make videos you can tell,” admitted Rebecca.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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