90 Day Fiance: Pregnant Loren Brovarnik says being a stay-at-home mom is testing her patience

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik says being a stay-at-home mom is not easy.
Loren Brovarnik says kids are testing her patience. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Loren Brovanik is growing a bit exhausted from being heavily pregnant plus taking care of two kids under age two.

The 90 Day Fiance star took to social media to vent her frustration and noted that being home all day with her boys is a true test of patience.

She shared the “reliable parent moment” and confessed that she looks forward to her husband Alexei Brovarnik coming home each day so she can take a quick drive alone just to get a break.

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Loren is a little over six months pregnant. In June, she shared some five-month baby bump comparisons of her three pregnancies.

She’s also not been in the best mood, likely due to pregnancy hormones, and has admitted to not feeling her best a few times. However, things will be even more hectic in the Brovarnik household in a few months as the couple will have to deal with three young kids.

Meanwhile, Loren is just trying to steal a few moments of alone time however she can!

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik shares a relatable parent moment

The pregnant 90 Day Fiance star shared a video message on Instagram as she sat on her couch clad in a pink striped top with her hair in a messy ponytail.

“Leaving this one here for all of you who underestimate it, for all of you who understand it, and for all of you who need to be reminded of it – you’re doing great!!” she captioned the post.

In the video, Loren opened up about taking care of her two boys, Shai and Asher, while her husband Alexei is away at work and noted that it’s not easy.

“You don’t know patience until you have been at home with two kids– two babies under two– for two weeks and very, very pregnant,” noted Loren in the video. “People think being a stay-at-home mom is so easy, it’s not!”

Pregnant Loren Brovarnik says her patience has been tested

The 90 Day Fiance star continued to open up in her video message and admitted that she was desperate for Alexei to return home.

“Literally, when Alex gets home I’m like, ‘i’m gonna go for a three-minute drive, bless.’ I’m not kidding,” confessed the TLC personality. “You’ve never seen such a pregnant woman move so fast in your life to just get out of the house.”

Really, my patience has been tested, I feel like a lot of parents can relate,” she added.

Loren and Alexei are expecting their third baby in the fall, but they won’t find out the gender until the baby’s birth. The couple already has two boys, and their social media followers are convinced that baby number three will be a girl.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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