90 Day Fiance: Miona Bell talks getting a nose job, how she makes herself ‘feel pretty’

Miona Bell records a YouTube video in June 2022
Has Miona had a nose job or any other plastic surgery? Pic credit: @JibriandMiona/YouTube

Miona Bell of 90 Day Fiance fame dished on whether she’s had a nose job and what she does to make herself feel her best.

During Season 9 of the flagship series, viewers quickly learned that Miona takes fashion and beauty very seriously. So much so that she’s turned her passion into a career.

Since gaining fame from her time on reality TV, Miona has amassed over 200,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently interacts with her fans.

Over the weekend, the Serbian-born beauty held a Q&A in her Instagram Stories and answered various questions from her curious followers.

One of the questions submitted asked Miona whether she’s gotten a nose job, mentioning that they “love” her nose.

To answer the question, Miona videoed herself face-on before slowly turning her head to show her followers a side view of herself.

Miona Bell dishes on getting a nose job, feeling pretty in her own skin

Along with her video, Miona explained, “No, I never had any surgery. Here is my nose and lips without these Instagram filters.”

In another IG Story slide, Miona addressed a fan who asked if she would give them a makeover, calling themselves “ugly.”

“First step [to] feeling pretty in your own skin is [to] stop saying that you’re ugly,” Miona told her followers. “You have to unlearn that behavior…” she added.

Miona continued, claiming that she went through her own “ugly phase” during her teenage years. However, she said she was dedicated to feeling good in her own skin to make herself feel pretty.

“I experimented a lot with makeup for a long time. I experimented a lot with the clothes to find what fits me the best,” Miona explained, adding that it takes investing time in oneself in order to achieve a “makeover.”

Miona added, “Physical [looks are] not everything, but it was important for me at one point. So I experimented until I found what works for me [s] that I can feel the prettiest and what I can do for myself to feel good.”

Clearly, Miona’s experimentation paid off because she always looks fantastic. But if you ask her, Miona doesn’t think she always looks beautiful.

During another Q&A in September 2022, Miona told her fans that she “definitely doesn’t” look beautiful all the time but often spends time makeup-free and without her hair styled in a sleek ponytail from her Miona Beauty collection.

Miona has found success with her beauty brands outside of 90 Day Fiance

Before coming to the U.S. to live with her husband, Jibri Bell, Miona worked as a makeup artist as a teenager living in Serbia, doing others’ makeup from the comfort of her bedroom. She still highlights her work as a makeup artist on her Miona Makeup Instagram page, where she’s accrued over 8,000 followers.

In addition, Miona has found success selling her signature ponytails, wigs, and hair wax on her website.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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