90 Day Fiance: Megan Potthast hits back against TLC production

Charlie and Megan on boat
Megan is snapping back against TLC for not putting a mic on her during the fight. Pic credit: TLC

A lot went down between the Potthast family during the last episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Not only did Andrei Castravet fight Charlie Potthast, but Megan decided to scratch Libby’s face.  

TLC viewers didn’t miss the fact that Charlie and his wife came into Chuck’s BBQ clearly drunk and on a volume of ten. Charlie’s WWE entrance made for a sticky situation that left his father in tears after he entered the premises with the announcement, “Call the cops!”

Now, Megan Potthast is stirring the pot with some shady Instagram stories. In the first slide, she is seen swinging in a hammock with text that reads, “with all the free press I’ve been getting, it’s pretty b***hing.”

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The 90 Day Fiance star wore shades and a burnt orange dress as she basked in her 15 minutes of fame. At the end of her Instagram story, she created a note with a few choice words.

Megan is not apologizing

Megan wrote, “It all makes sense now why I wasn’t mic’d. I bet someone was hoping to get me into the pool, and if that didn’t work, go along with ‘Meghan scratched me.’”

The blonde continued, “hahaha, what a joke! You lunge your body at someone, you should be prepared to be punched or a hand held up to block you. I don’t scratch people. I’m not a child.”

Pic credit: @MegPotthast/Instagram

During the fateful episode, Charlie was poking fun at his entire family when the BBQ brawl went down, showing he was not bothered with what any of the siblings had to say. 

Meg Potthast
Pic credit: @MegPotthast/Instagram

In a post, he showed a smug selfie next to a cartoon that showed one character crying and being consoled by the rest. It was easy to assume that he thought of Andrei as the crybaby. 

As 90 Day Fiance viewers are well aware, Libby’s siblings have felt for a while now that Andrei has been stepping on their toes and their share of the family business. 

But in a shocking turn of events, Jenn and Becky actually took Andrei’s side in the fighting, citing that their brother Charlie was unstable. 

It may be easier for Charlie and Megan to hide behind memes since most viewers would say that Andrei won the battle after taking Charlie down to the ground in one fell swoop. 

Chuck Potthast was left crying 

While the argument may have made for a great TLC TV moment, it left Chuck fearing he may have a heart attack. It probably didn’t help either that Megan found it necessary to get into her father-in-law’s face and yell profanities at him. 

In the end, it is hard to say who was the winner of the epic Florida BBQ brawl, but it would appear that most came out as losers. Andrei once again showed off his aggressive side, taking two steps back, while the rest of the Potthast gang joined in on the festivities.

Chuck’s dream of reuniting his family seems an incredibly long way away, especially since Libby is now considering a move so she can live a more peaceful life. 

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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