90 Day Fiance: Mary slams bullies for making fun of her appearance: ‘I’m crying everyday nonstop’

Mary is feeling down in the dumps after being “bullied” online. Pic credit: Discovery+

Mary DeNuccio is already having a tough time amid her second pregnancy, and now she’s feeling even worse.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Mary and her husband, Brandan DeNuccio, are expecting their second child.

During what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of her life, Mary is struggling.

Earlier this month, the Philippines native shared a teary-eyed selfie, admitting to feeling down in the dumps and revealing that she “hates” herself for overthinking and feeling jealous and insecure.

Being hard on herself is challenging enough, and now the soon-to-be mom-of-two is facing criticism from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers.

In an Instagram Story uploaded earlier this week, Mary uploaded a post shared to a Facebook page dedicated to gossip and memes centered around the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

Mary DeNuccio takes aim at 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way critics for mocking her appearance

In the post, Mary was depicted as an exaggerated version of herself, similar to a clown, with thick, dark eyebrows, smudged eye makeup, and red, plump lips.

mary denuccio's instagram story about bullying
Mary lashed out at her haters. Pic credit: @maria.rosaaaaaa/Instagram

The post mocked Mary’s pledge to Brandan when she promised him she would “try and get better.”

Mary noted in the caption of the screenshot that she didn’t find the meme humorous whatsoever — in fact, she pointed out that it’s worsened her depression symptoms.

“Hope you guys are happy now bullying someone’s physical appearance and making fun of them,” Mary wrote.

She continued, “I know I’m not pretty and thank you for reminding me that always. I hope you guys are happy now that I’m suffering from depression and crying everyday nonstop.”

Mary didn’t stop there; the TLC star made it clear that her haters’ bullying got to her, admitting that they “won.”

“You guys won thank you so much,” Mary added.

Mary and Brandan DeNuccio look to be in good spirits since he moved to the Philippines

Despite Mary’s downtrodden Instagram Story, it appears that she and Brandan have enjoyed plenty more happy days in recent weeks.

On their Instagram feeds, the lovebirds have posted photos of themselves traipsing around the Philippines, often hand-in-hand, while exploring the Asian island country.

In addition to their baby, who was born last year, and baby number two on the way, it also looks as though Mary and Brandan have expanded their family.

The couple has added two canine siblings to the mix, who have been included in their recent photos on Instagram.

Mary and Brandan have plenty to keep themselves busy these days between running their small convenience store, recording TikToks and Cameos, and taking care of two fur babies, all while parenting their 1-year-old as they count down the days until Baby DeNuccio number two makes their grand entrance.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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8 months ago

I don’t see what there is to criticize about her natural face. Brandan looks like he chubbed up since living there. My big question: How do they support themselves, 2 dogs, and 2 babies ????????? Running their little convenience store ???????? I think not! Probably poor Grandpa and Grandma! As for her crying all the time, every day, so what else is new?

8 months ago

I do not know how they are going to survive with kids and living in crap. Mary puts on such an act with all that drama. Poor Brendan needs permission to look over his shoulder. She is going to suffocate him with all that phony crying to get her own way.

8 months ago

I can see either one of them does not believe in birth control. If they were, none of this would have happened. They are way too young to even think of marriage. Work on your relationship first, have a steady income and then talk about your finances first, which I recall Brandon doing, but she wants what she wants and it’s obvious she is not hearing what he is saying. So many red flags yet all of these couples get married anyway. Stupid is as stupid does! Grow up people!!!

7 months ago

Why not be grateful, Mary? Brandan gave you and all your relatives a new HOME when before you were in a neighborhood that has dumps for houses. and living in dire gross poverty. Why are you not thanking Brandan for saving you and your whole family from having to live in garbage? Instead, you harass him, gaslight him, them record him, your old grandpas bother him. Can they see what a cruel woman you are? It’s simple, Mary! Treat Brandan with the kindness? Why not start thanking him for saving you and all your family members from horrible poverty? Stop it Mary! Stop gaslighting Brandan and trying to turn people against him. You need help, woman!