90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 4 premiere date revealed — Who’s on the cast?

Anika on 90 Day Fiance Love in Paradise Season 4.
Anika is searching for love. Pic credit: TLC

TLC is taking viewers back to the sunny skies with 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 4.

The network announced Thursday that the new season will debut on Monday, April 22, at 8/7c.

We’ll follow four Americans as they try out international love with their partners from Brazil, Italy, Malta, and Colombia.

The reality TV gods have been listening to our concerns because we’re getting four new couples for 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 4.

The 90 Day Fiance franchise has a knack for recycling the same couples over and over again, so we’re pleasantly surprised about it.

But we guess there’s a chance that more couples could be revealed closer to the premiere date because we expected more than four.

Will Kyle give up donating sperm?

Our first couple is Kyle (Los Angeles, CA) and Anika. TLC notes that while Kyle is an accountant, his “real passion and hobby” is “donating sperm.”

The teaser for their storyline reveals that he already has 71 children “and nine on the way from donating sperm to women around the world.”

He actually met Anika when she found his donation information online “and booked a consultation with him.”

However, it seems there was chemistry from the get-go, and they are now an item. The big hurdle for them will be seeing if Kyle can “stop donating for good to be with” the new woman in his life.

Meanwhile, Shawn (New York, NY) is a celebrity hairstylist from New York who met Alliya (Brazil) online.

When he “first met Alliya online, Alliya identified as a he named Douglas. Assigned male at birth, Alliya started embracing her feminine side while she was dating Shawn,” TLC notes.

Luke has a big secret

Luke (Los Angeles, CA) met Madelein in Columbia while on vacation.

There was an instant attraction between them, and they spent all of Luke’s holiday together.

“Only there’s one little hiccup – the once wealthy Luke gets a reality check and doesn’t have the money to move, nor can he support Madelein’s lavish lifestyle like she believes he can,” the couple’s description teases.

The final couple is Alex (Dallas, Texas) and Adriano, who met in Italy while Alex was traveling.

They had “different ideas of what they were looking for in a relationship,” but their chemistry was strong from the jump.

New cast members could bring the franchise back from the brink

“But is a steamy connection enough to overcome their extreme differences, especially over their preferences in bed?”

It’s definitely a refreshing cast, and the trailer promises plenty of drama, which is par for the course with the 90 Day Fiance franchise, so we’re not particularly surprised about that.

We hope that having new faces will give the franchise the life it needs because we’re tired of watching Angela Deem and Big Ed.

90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise Season 4 will premiere Monday, April 22, at 8/7c on TLC.

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