90 Day Fiance: Libby’s sisters attack Andrei in face to face meet

Close up view of Libby and Andrei sitting on the couch in their living room.
Libby and Andrei have a heated face-to-face with Libby’s sisters. Pic credit: @andreicastravet/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? stars Andrei and Libby Castravet decided to have a sit-down meeting with Libby’s sisters, and things quickly became explosive.

The blow-up came after Libby posted an announcement on Instagram that the couple was expecting a new baby without telling Libby’s mom, Pamela, and sisters, Becky and Jen.

Becky and Jen contacted Libby to set up a meeting, and Libby planned to ask them to do family therapy with a professional counselor their father, Chuck, recommended.

Libby and Andrei foreshadowed the event on the way to the meeting, wondering if they would agree to the arrangement, while Andrei remarked if apologies were involved, they meant nothing to him, and he could “wipe his a**” with their apologies.

Libby’s sister, Becky, told the camera she found out the couple was expecting with everyone else in the world on social media, and it felt like her relationship with her sister was damaged because of Andrei’s influence.

Becky and Jen claimed they didn’t expect Andrei to be there, with Jen telling Andrei she didn’t remember inviting him.

Andrei told the camera that he felt these problems were coming from his mother-in-law, Pamela, and that she starts all of this behavior, covering up for Libby’s brother, Charlie, while Becky and Jen follow her lead.

The awkward meet went from tight-lipped to a screaming match in no time, and Becky jumped up from the table to repeatedly slap Andrei, while the expletives and accusations flew between them.

Libby quickly jumped up to block Becky’s attack on her husband while Andrei repeatedly yelled at Becky: “You’re delirious!”

The shocking moment when Andrei and Becky fight across the table at their face-to-face meeting. Pic credit: TLC

After things calmed down a bit, everyone took a seat, and Becky, in a moment of clarity, admitted she felt bad for assaulting Andrei. She said, “I’m really not proud of what I just did.”

She went on to say she saw her sister get jumped in high school, and that’s why she lunged across the table at Andrei.

Libby added that they had attacked Andrei from the moment they got to the restaurant. Becky said the anger came from not being told about the new baby, and she claimed she never would’ve done something like that to Libby.

Becky began sobbing while Jen comforted her, saying, “you’re going to make me cry…stop.” Libby came around the table to hug her sisters. Becky told the camera Libby had no idea how hurt she was not being told about the pregnancy first. She went on to say she didn’t want to be estranged from her little sister, but it was headed that way because of Andrei’s motives.

Libby admitted she wished she would have handled things differently, but with the way the relationship was strained between her, her mother, and her sisters, she didn’t think it mattered that much to them.

Becky said her goal was to be happy and at peace, not about drama. Libby offered that their father knew someone who could do family therapy if they were interested.

Libby told the camera if everyone could start owning up to their faults, they could figure it out and be cordial and respectful to one another. She added that she was hopeful the therapy session could be their saving grace.

The family has a long history of explosive fights with Andrei in the middle of the battle.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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nancy richardson
nancy richardson
1 year ago

Why was Andreii there?He wasnt invited. Becky is right he has no respect for
Libbys mother. How would he feel if Libbys family talked the same way about his mother??? He keeps trying to seperate her from her family except for Chuck,
because Chuck is his meal ticket. Andreii needs to STOP thinking that he controls everything, and Libby needs to stop letting him get away with it. Yes I do wish she would FINALLY stand up to him.