90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Laura Jallali admitted she’s not pregnant, not with Aladin

Laura Jallali on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Laura’s pregnancy story is quickly falling apart. Pic credit: TLC

For the past several days, fans of 90 Day Fiance have been discussing Laura Jallali’s pregnancy claim. Many have been shocked that such a thing is even possible, especially since she claimed the pregnancy to be a “surprise”, taking out any thought of IVF or other fertility treatment for the 51-year-old.

Today, Instagram user @FraudedByTLC has announced that evidence had been obtained that verified Laura’s pregnancy to be a lie. They claim to have independent verification to prove that Aladin Jallali was emotionally and physically abusive to his wife, some of which we will apparently see on the Tell All.

As a result of his behavior and the craziness that encircled the couple, Laura is said to have lied about being pregnant. @FraudedByTLC concludes their comment with a wish for Laura to take some time to heal as seen below.

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@Talker_Of_Shits_ releases bombshell conversation

Another well known 90 Day Fiance Instagram page, @Talker_of_Shits_ has also released a copy of a conversation with Laura. The conversation begins by asking Laura to please come clean in regards to the pregnancy lie.

Laura responded by agreeing that she was visiting Ecuador because of her stress levels. She claims that she was very sick when in Canada last month and her blood work came back stating that she had an ectopic pregnancy. She also said that the realization of all that she had lost caused her to spiral downward.

Because she was not able to reach out to Aladin (she was blocked) she decided to make a post about the pregnancy, in hopes that he would reach out to her.

She still insists that there was a pregnancy, although it was ectopic. Laura also said that she’s not gone through menopause yet and that all of the comments about her age and apparent inability to have a baby really upset her.

“I wanted him to know we almost made a baby …so close!” she said. Screenshots of the whole conversation are shared below. Swipe over to read what she had to say.

“Today Laura and I had a conversation where she came clean about her pregnancy and the status of her relationship with Aladin,” the caption of reads. “This has really taken a turn on the dark side and I’m not sure how much more I’m going to touch on the topic. If these issues are something that you’re sensitive about, just go ahead and skip reading this one. As of right now, she is NOT pregnant and they are NOT together. *posted with her permission.”

Laura’s Credibility Ruined

Fans everywhere are responding to the new information online. Many are stating that they are not surprised. The story of a miscarriage was expected after Laura claimed to be pregnant.

Now, with the added claims of abuse, fans don’t know what to believe. No one wants to discredit a victim… but Laura has proven to be anything but truthful.

Aladin Jallali has not made any comments on Laura’s latest admission or the claims that he was abusive to her. Laura, however, can be seen in a video in Ecuador, smoking cigarettes and drinking wine.

All of this has come out prior to the end of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season and while the Tell All has been filmed, it’s not been aired yet. So we can imagine that production isn’t happy with all the latest leaks. Despite that, all of this drama has fans ready to see what goes down on the Tell All stage in what’s going to be one explosive showdown.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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