90 Day Fiance: Kobe worried Emily is pregnant again

Kobe is concerned that Emily may pregnant again.
90 Day Fiance Kobe Blaise is worried that Emily may be pregnant again. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Kobe Blaise is a bit concerned that Emily may be pregnant with their second child in a sneak peek clip of the show. 

Emily and Kobe are both still living at Emily’s home with her parents, which places even more stress on the situation. 

Kobe is worried that Emily is pregnant

In a sneak peek clip of 90 Day Fiance, Kobe shares his concerning thoughts about Emily being pregnant. 

The two were in the car on their way to the pharmacy to purchase a pregnancy test when Kobe began sharing his feelings about the ordeal. 

Kobe said, “Nah, you can’t be pregnant.” 

Emily replied, “why can’t I be pregnant?”

Kobe then explained that he thought they were taking the proper precautions.

Despite Kobe telling Emily to stop taking her birth control because he was afraid that Emily would not be able to conceive later on in life if she did remain on her birth control, Kobe still believed that there was no possible way she could be pregnant. 

During a confessional to the camera crew, Kobe explained that he also did not think they could potentially get pregnant because Emily told him before they were intimate that she was not ovulating, so they would be okay to get intimate without precautions. 

Kobe said, “you told me you have this application on your phone like I’m not ovulating right now; you can f**k me.”

Kobe then shared his fears about being able to face Emily’s family if she were to be pregnant because he doesn’t have any income, and the two are still relying on Emily’s parents for nearly everything. 

He said, “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to face your family if you’re pregnant. I’m living in your father’s house, and it’s just too much.”

Emily shared her feelings on the situation, stating that she loves babies, but because she is the only one who can work, and the only rule her dad had for them to live there was for her not to get pregnant, she is feeling a little torn. 

Emily said, “I love babies like I want to have a lot of kids; it’s just not the right time. I mean, we’re not even married yet; we’re still living in my parent’s basement, and on top of that, my dad only has one rule for us, and that’s not to get pregnant.” 

Kobe and Emily still have a lot of growth to make as a couple

With the possibility of Emily being pregnant again, the two have a lot of progress to make as a couple. 

Kobe shared that he felt it was hard enough for them to try and figure out their relationship with just one child, and adding another would be stressful because Kobe does not have a lot of money to contribute. 

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