90 Day Fiance: Kobe shares photo of his son Koban looking all grown up

Kobe shares photo of Koban looking all grown up.
Kobe shares a photo of Koban looking all grown up. Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram/TLC

90 Day Fiance star Kobe Blaise recently shared a cute photo of his son Koban looking all grown up. 

Kobe posted the photo to social media of Koban in traditional garb, and fans had nothing but compliments for Koban. 

Kobe posts a photo of Koban in traditional clothing, looking all grown up

In the Instagram pic, Koban was posing in front of their tan couch, wearing a long brown tunic with dark orange accent patterns on the front of the tunic. 

Koban was also rocking his lovely brown locs. 

Kobe captioned the photo by saying, “One of the best [days] of my life was when I first met you, you are so cute and adorable that I’ll always want to be your dad even in my next life. Love you KOBAN.”

90 Day Fiance fans flooded Kobe’s post saying just how adorable Koban looked

Kobe had many fans commenting on his post about how cute Koban looked. 

One fan commented on the post that Koban looked so handsome and adorable. 

The fan said, “He’s so adorable. God bless you and your beautiful children.” 

Fans call Koban adorable.
Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram

Another fan noticed how cute Koban looked in his traditional wardrobe, as fans have not yet seen Koban in any traditional wear on the show, and gushed over his hair in the comment section.  

The fan said, “Oh my goodness look at his hair and wardrobe (smiling heart eyes emoji).” 

One fan gushed over Koban's hair.
Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram

An additional fan commented on the photo cheering Kobe on as he can finally share his culture with Koban and be the father he has always wanted to be. 

The fan said, “Love that you’re able to be the dad you want to be and share your culture with him.” 

Fans are happy that Kobe gets to share his traditions with Koban.
Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram

It has taken Kobe and Emily quite a while to reach a place of comfort with one another regarding how they planned on raising Koban. 

During the show’s beginning, it was a significant battle for Emily to accept Kobe’s role in Koban’s life, as he had been away from him for two years, and Emily had been in charge of Koban’s day-to-day life. 

Luckily, it seems as though Emily has lightened up and allowed Kobe to step in and take on a more significant role in Koban’s life and be the father that he has always wanted to be. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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