90 Day Fiance: Kobe Blaise writes heartfelt message to his father-in-law for showing him love

90 Day Fiance star Kobe Blaise
Kobe thanked his father-in-law David for being his “backbone” in the U.S. Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram

90 Day Fiance newbie Kobe Blaise showed his support for his father-in-law, David Bieberly, in a heartfelt message.

Kobe, a native of Cameroon, joined Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance alongside his American fiancee-turned-wife, Emily Bieberly.

90 Day Fiance viewers felt Kobe and Emily’s relationship was doomed from the start, as the two frequently bickered. Emily has frequently been accused by 90 Day Fiance viewers, as well as Kobe, of being controlling.

Things really took a turn this season when Emily and Kobe did the one thing her parents asked them not to do while living under their roof: get pregnant again.

Emily and Kobe discovered they were expecting baby number two when they took a test in a local pharmacy, hiding the news from Emily’s family until, after the wedding, something Kobe strongly disagreed with.

Kobe acknowledged how helpful Emily’s parents had been and could barely face David when he and Emily tied the knot, knowing he was harboring a major secret.

Eventually, Kobe and Emily broke their pregnancy news to the family during dinner, much to her parents and sister’s surprise.

Kobe Blaise pens heartfelt message to father-in-law David Bieberly

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Kobe took some time on Instagram to praise David for all he’s done for him and Emily throughout their relationship journey.

Kobe shared a photo of himself and David, each donning traditional African garb, with their arms around each other, David raising his glass for the sweet pic.

The West African native captioned his post, “I just wanna say thank you for letting me into your home even though you didn’t know who I was, thank you for believing that love can make a man travel the world just to be with that one person who make him happy, thank you for looking at me as a part of your family, thank you for all the love you showed me and above all I just want to say thank you for the endless support you always provide for us even though we break the one and only rule you gave us ??.”

Kobe continued to share his adoration for David, noting that his father-in-law has been the one to carry the “highest burden.”

“It’s true you were not there when I and Emily started the relationship but have carried the highest burden and you’ve been the the backbone ever since I moved to the US,” Kobe added. “You are a clear example of what a father in law should be and I’m so happy I’m looking up to you.”

He concluded his post, “You’ve inspired me in so many ways that I lack words to express how I feel, I just want to let you know I love you you from the bottom of my heart and that you’ll never regret having me as part of your family. ✌?✌?✌?✌?”

Kobe’s 66,400 Instagram followers took to the comments section of the post where most of them admired his classy and thoughtful post.

90 Day Fiance viewers impressed with Kobe’s ‘classy’ post dedicated to David

“This is awesome., I hope your [expectant] wife gives you the Respect you deserves,” read one comment.

Another fan wrote, “Congratulations king wishing you both much happiness ????❤️❤️”

kobe blaise shares a sweet tribute to his father-in-law david on instagram
Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram

“Very classy post!” noted another one of Kobe’s admirers.

More encouraging comments flooded Kobe’s post with another reading, “Such a sweet person and I admire the love you have for your family! Much love and happiness to all of you! ♥️”

Kobe and Emily’s wedding played out last week during 90 Day Fiance, culminating their relationship.

After arriving in America on his K-1 visa, Kobe had just 90 days to decide whether he wanted to marry Emily and start a life together in the U.S. or return to Cameroon. Despite the turbulence they’ve faced in their journey, it looks as though Kobe is happy with his decision.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

Why is everyone praising Kobe??? He is a smooth talking liver. Behind her fathers back he has cursed her and treated her very disrespectful. He allowed his friend to come into her home and disrespect her he He disregarded her telling him not to feed the baby peanuts because he could choke on them he didn’t care that he was not on her insurance so she should not allow him to drive her car. I’m sue he didn’t have a US issued Drivers license. He curses her out if he gets mad. So how is she lucky to have him?? So far all he has done is given her 2 babies for her parents to support. Stop praising this smooth talking want to be King in someone else’s house user