90 Day Fiance: Knife-wielding Jasmine loses it when Gino asks if she ‘provoked’ his ex to share topless pics

jasmine pineda IG selfie december 2023
Jasmine flew off the handle during an intense conversation with Gino. Pic credit: @jasmine.gino/Instagram

Just when we thought we saw the extent of Jasmine Pineda‘s temper, she surprised us with another explosive reaction.

The 90 Day Fiance star’s behavior is often over-the-top, especially when it comes to fights with her now-husband, Gino Palazzolo.

But this time around, maybe, just maybe, we might see Jasmine’s point.

In a preview for the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiance, Jasmine brings up the time Gino sent topless photos of her to his ex, which ultimately cost her a job as a teacher.

During their interaction in the kitchen, Jasmine is chopping up vegetables with a large knife when Gino begins to drill her.

“Did you say anything to provoke it?” Gino asks the Panamanian native.

90 Day Fiance spoiler: Jasmine blows a gasket when Gino presses her about ‘provoking’ his ex

Jasmine is shocked by Gino’s query and asks him to repeat himself to ensure she heard him correctly.

While Jasmine is gripping the knife tightly in one hand, Gino asks her again, “Did you say anything to provoke the fight, or was she just attacking you out of the blue?”

Not surprisingly, Gino’s question causes Jasmine to lose her temper.

“What did you f***ing say?” she persists. “She was making fun of me. Insulting my physical appearance, she was making ugly comments about my t**s, the ones that you sent, and she look at. And you are really asking me if I provoke her?!”

Gino tries to smooth over the situation by telling Jasmine to calm down, but as we all know, that’s not a smart move by Gino… let alone any man.

Jasmine blows her top and throws a barrage of F-bombs at Gino, calling him “f***ing stupid” and accusing him and his ex of emotionally humiliating her.

“And you’re asking if I provoke her,” Jasmine adds before the clip ends.

Jasmine said she was accused of lying about Gino’s ex and the risque photos

90 Day Fiance viewers will remember the first time we learned that Gino had sent Jasmine’s topless pics to his ex during their time on Before the 90 Days.

At the time, Gino claimed that he did it to show off “how hot” Jasmine was. But Jasmine didn’t appreciate the gesture whatsoever and struggled to trust him ever since.

In February 2022, Jasmine opened up with her Instagram followers about the harrowing incident.

Although Jasmine claimed she had forgiven Gino and his ex at the time because it was “not in her nature,” she also threw plenty of shade their way.

During an Instagram Q&A, Jasmine accused Gino’s ex of sending the topless photos to 90 Day Fiance producers.

Jasmine said that she viewed the photos from her producer’s phone but that Gino’s ex didn’t know she knew about it.

Jasmine ended her rant with the “saddest” part of the whole story. According to her, Jasmine got “blamed for it and accused of making it up,” but as she added, “Karma never forgets.”

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 months ago

Way to much drama in their lives for me! Constantly yelling, cursing, calling each other horrible names…I would have a nervous breakdown! I think they’re both crazy and need to grow up!

3 months ago

You go, Jasmine! You can do much better than Gino. Love isn’t everything.