90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins wears biker shorts and a crop top for funny dancing video

Karine shares a silly video of herself in a biker short set.
Karine Martins shares a silly video of herself in a biker short set. Pic credit: TLC

Karine Martins recently posted a silly, light-hearted video of herself doing a funny dance in biker shorts and a crop top. 

Although Karine seemed to be enjoying herself, many critics took to her comment section to question the status of her children’s whereabouts. 

Karine gets jiggy for fans

Karine recently shared a video of herself on Instagram doing a silly dance. Karine was wearing orange biker shorts and an orange crop top. 

Karine used the filter that shifted images in a wave-like motion and had some upbeat Latin music in the background. 

Karine captioned her video, “It’s the weekend. My hair is like that when i don’t dry it (lion emoji, sweating emoji).” 

Although Karine was having a fantastic time by herself dancing and making a silly video, it did not stop the critics from coming to her post and questioning where her children were. 

Critics are concerned about where Karine’s children are

Despite Karine looking like she was having a fantastic time alone, just dancing and relaxing, critics took to the comment section of her video to inquire about her children and the relationship with Paul.

One critic commented on Karine’s video and asked where her kids were. 

The critic said, “where are the boys?” 

Critics question where Karine's children are.
Pic credit: @staehlekarine/Instagram

Karine, however, did not answer, and some fans decided to be very protective and imply that the location of Karine’s children is not anyone else’s business as long as they are being well taken care of. 

One fan, in particular, commented on Karine’s video and informed others that if they had no personal ties to Karine, and were not providing for her and her children, then there would be no need for them to be in her business on that level. 

The fan said, “If you’re not feeding her supporting her or her kids or sleeping with her then her personal business is none of your d**n business and she owes no one any explanation none of us are perfect people just love being in other peoples d**n life smh LEAVE HER ALONE SH******T And I guarantee you most of the ones talking about where her kids are you’ll probably ain’t got your own kids mind your business.” 

Karine's loyal fan claps back at a critic questioning her about her children.
Pic credit: @staehlekarine/Instagram

Although Karine did not pay the critics any attention and entertain their questions, her true fans were there to back her up and ensure that she maintained her positive energy

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus. 

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1 year ago

I haven.t seen Karine this happy in forever!!!!!!