90 Day Fiance: Johnny remains hopeful about relationship with Ella, says ‘I still love you’

Johnny Chao remains hopeful of his relationship with Ella.
Johnny Chao remains hopeful of his relationship with Ella Johnson amidst recent disputes. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star, Johnny Chao, recently shared his feelings on the recent dispute between himself and Ella Johnson.

Johnny took the mature approach to deal with the recent infidelities he faced.

Ella had cheated on Johnny because he was not able to come to the United States, but instead chose to stay in China because of COVID-19 restrictions.  

Since Johnny chose to stay in China, Ella entered herself into an open relationship which ultimately ended with her cheating on Johnny.

Johnny takes 90 percent responsibility for what occurred

Johnny made sure that his fans understood that he accepted the majority of the responsibility for Ella cheating on him.

Johnny stated, “ I wanna say i still have confidence in you and love you. It was my wrong i keep delayed i will take 90 percent responsibility for what happened.”

“I struggled in fly out, because china is still lockdown and travel ban means can fly out but barely with flights can come back to china, those are flights information from LA to shanghai city in whole june and july without ticket until in august with 3 flights but each ticket price over 10000 bucks,” he added.

90 Day Fiance fans don’t understand why Johnny is taking responsibility

Although many fans support their relationship, many fans are on Johnny’s side and do not understand why he is putting up with Ella and taking responsibility for her actions.

From the beginning of the relationship, Ella has made it very apparent that she was focused on being with an Asian man and did not have any plans aside from that.

Fans of the show had such an issue with Ella appropriating the Asian culture and only being concerned about herself and her needs.

One fan commented, “You deserve way better than her, Johnny! If she loved you and respected you, she would’ve understood the restrictions [you’re] going through, and she wouldn’t be cheating on you.”

Fans believe Johnny deserves better.
Fans believe Johnny deserves better and that Ella should be more understanding. Pic credit: @johnny_90day/Instagram

Another fan weighed in and said, “It’s not your fault you were doing what you thought was right to keep you and your family safe. Cheating is not OK. Many hugs!”

Fans want Johnny to know that cheating is not ok.
Fans want Johnny to know that he did the right thing by staying home. Pic credit: @johnny_90day/Instagram

Despite Ella’s actions and disregard for Johnny’s feelings, Johnny still loves Ella and is more than willing to make their relationship work out for the better.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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2 years ago

To put up with this nonsense, Johnny is either desperate or has no pride whatsoever… probably both.