90 Day Fiance: Jenny and Sumit are finally married after 10 years, his parents’ disapproval

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten film for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
90 Day Fiance couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh have tied the knot after 10 years of obstacles and Sumit’s parents’ disapproval. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance stars Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh have officially tied the knot!

Jenny and Sumit’s wedding has been a long time coming. The pair started dating ten years ago and have faced a slew of obstacles during that time.

Despite Sumit’s parents not being on board with the relationship, the pair tied the knot on last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

The November 28 episode featured the couple’s special day.

“Today is my wedding day and I’m getting married, woo!” Jenny said in her confessional interview ahead of the ceremony. “I didn’t think it would ever happen but we’re finally here, and I’m so happy and so excited.”

Once they were wed, the couple described how magical the moment was for them.

“I know this is kind of a cliché, but today is absolutely the happiest day of my life,” Jenny shared in their joint confessional, as he added, “My life too.”

Why Jenny and Sumit almost didn’t get married

However, like much of their relationship, their wedding didn’t go off without some challenges.

Jenny threatened to return to America after finding out Sumit had canceled her marriage application. Additionally, he admitted to having cold feet.

Sumit, however, realized that he was more afraid of losing Jenny than getting married.

Therefore, he apologized and the wedding was on.

The challenges that came with Jenny and Sumit’s wedding

Even once they got past those issues, they faced some other struggles in order for their wedding to happen.

Jenny mentioned one of the many obstacles in their relationship— their age difference. This made her feel uneasy as this, plus several other aspects of her wedding weren’t typical.

This was also true for their ceremony. Jenny found out her visa wasn’t going to be extended. This meant they couldn’t have a court wedding as she initially planned and had to hold their ceremony in a temple.

She mentioned how she’s not the typical bride in her 20’s which is uncommon in most cultures but especially in Sumit’s culture.

Additionally, they chose not to tell Sumit’s parents that the wedding was happening ahead of time.

Sumit weighed in on how he thought they’d react.

“I know they will be angry, but I love this lady and I want to marry her. I will be happy. This is what I choose for myself,” he shared. “I’m so happy and so glad that I’m going to get Jenny, and we’re going to be life partners for sure.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC

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