90 Day Fiance: Here’s a clue about Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies relationship status

Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies
Are Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies still involved? Pic credit: @verpyrod/Instagram

90 Day: The Single Life viewers learned about the relationship between Before the 90 Days alum Tim Malcolm’s ex-fiancee Veronica Rodriguez and Before the 90 Days’ Kimberly Menzies’ son Jamal Menzies during the Season 3 Tell All.

The Single Life cast put Veronica and Jamal’s relationship on blast, leaving viewers eager to know whether their connection has withstood.

Through her Instagram Story, Veronica shared a throwback Pillow Talk clip from the Season 5 of Before the 90 Days Tell All in which Jamal appeared and gave 90 Day fans a clue about her relationship status with Jamal.

37-year-old Veronica and 27-year-old Jamal have a 10-year age difference and also live on opposite coasts.

During the Tell All, The Single Life cast pegged Jamal as a “f**kboy” and said that it seemed like Veronica liked him more than he liked her. Jamal resented the idea that he would do wrong by Veronica.

Veronica and Jamal explained during the Tell All that they were not monogamous and were free to see other people. However, Veronica said Jamal was the only person she was dating.

Are Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies still seeing each other?

A few weeks ago, Veronica shared photos of her and Jamal’s first date. And just last week, Jamal shared a video montage of the Tell All after-party in which he and Veronica looked cozy.

Now, Veronica has added more fuel to the thought that she and Jamal are still seeing each other with her Instagram Story.

In her Instagram Story, Veronica reshared a 90 Day fan’s Story of the throwback Pillow Talk episode where she and Tim were watching the Season 5 of Before the 90 Days Tell All when Veronica saw Jamal on screen.

In the clip, Tim spoke about Jamal and asked, “Is he wearing gold hoops?”

Veronica replied, “I don’t know, but I want to know how old he is because…” As Tim interjected, “You’re feeling it?”

To which Veronica answered, “Mmmhmm, I could work with all of that.”

Over the video was an emoji that said, “Busy Manifesting.”

Veronica also tagged Jamal in the Story post, indicating they could still be entangled.

Usman Umar commented on the relationship between Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies

Jamal has been critical of his mom Kim’s relationship with Usman ‘Soja Boy’ Umar, who is 18 years her junior.

With that in mind, Usman commented on a post on 90 Day Fiance’s official Instagram page where Jamal was introduced as Veronica’s love interest.

In the since-deleted comment, Usman trolled, “I’m not saying anything, Hahaha.”

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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