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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 4, episode 6 recap: Can anyone get along?

Andrei on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
This is how we all feel after watching the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Pic credit: TLC

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, no one is getting along. The episode is titled Severed Ties, and clearly, as the season continues, there will be plenty of those.

Each of the couples is dealing with a unique set of problems, and none of them seem to have the answers. Can any of these 90 Day Fiance marriages make it? Here’s where they stand as of this episode.

Larissa and Colt

Colt is still dealing with the fallout from Larissa’s big reveal to Debbie. His mother can’t seem to get over the fact that Larissa has kids and didn’t tell her — even though it wasn’t Debbie’s business.

To make Mother Debbie happy, Colt takes her on a shopping trip to buy toys for her cats. Debbie seems to think Colt was lying and “didn’t tell the truth” because he didn’t tell her Larissa’s secret but was he really obligated to do that?

After all, this isn’t a three-way marriage — or is it?

Debbie lays a huge guilt trip on Colt for not telling her, telling her son that it feels like she’s “not important” because she didn’t know every little detail about Larissa’s life before coming to the U.S.

After a month of no sex, Colt and Larissa head off to therapy to see if they can straighten things out. Colt is upset because Larissa isn’t putting out.

Larissa has lost interest in Colt and says she lost trust in him. She literally says she is “not a blow-up doll” and isn’t going to please him whenever he wants it.

When meeting with the therapist, Larissa blames the bulk of their sex problems on Mother Debbie and also reveals Colt was married before.

The consensus of many 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers is that Colt and Larissa’s visit to the sex therapist is really cringy. After all, no one wants to imagine the two having sex.

Is anyone really surprised, now that they are married, Larissa isn’t interested in having sex with him anymore?

After the horror of Colt and Larissa’s sex therapy, they head to a pumpkin patch so he can teach her about Halloween in America. Colt’s description of how to carve a pumpkin is truly creepy. How did that not freak Larissa out?

She just wants to put on a sexy costume and party, but Colt clearly wants to get his hands in some pumpkin guts. Larissa picks out the ugliest pumpkin and says it looks like Colt.

Once home, Larissa feels inspired to pick at Debbie again, asking to move the slot machine to the garage all in the name of decorating for Halloween.

She gets shut down immediately because Debbie is not hiding that slot machine.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei are still battling over his lack of work, and with Andrei opting not to drive trucks now, she’s very stressed and saddled with the burden of paying the bills.

While Elizabeth is working for her father to earn some cash, Andrei refuses, and that just adds another layer to her frustration with his refusal to work.

When Elizabeth tells her dad that Andrei doesn’t want to drive trucks, she tries to cover for him, saying it’s because he doesn’t want to be away from his kids rather than make more money (than the zero that he currently is earning).

Chuck tries to talk some sense into his daughter, but she’s already shouldering all of the expenses, as is her dad, who should have cut them off a long time ago.

Elizabeth struggles to tell Andrei that it was her dad that financed their new apartment, while he insists that she needs to be honest.

Again, it’s Chuck to the rescue after Andrei refuses to drive trucks, agreeing to offer Elizabeth’s husband a job.

Elizabeth is tired, pregnant, and ready to start taking time to rest, but Andrei seems irritated that she even suggested it.

When Elizabeth breaks the news to Andrei that her dad will hire him, but he has to ask, he immediately shoots down the idea because he doesn’t want Chuck to be critical of his work.

Chantel and Pedro

Pedro is still partying it up in the Dominican Republic, and Chantel is looking super depressed. She’s worried about what Pedro is up to because he’s basically shut her out.

Now, she’s talking about popping up in the DR to see what’s happening with her man.

Chantel calls another friend in the DR to get all the details on Pedro’s trip. She fills her friend in and learns that he’s seen Pedro since he’s been there.

She gets advice just to pop up, and it sounds a lot like Chantel is more than ready to board a plane.

Instead of hopping on the first flight out, Chantel decides to spend a girls’ night out with her sister and some friends. Unfortunately, during this “fun” night out, we get to listen to Chantel rehash Pedro’s one-way trip to the DR again as her friends all share their disapproval about what Pedro is doing.

It seems all of Chantel’s friends think she needs to pop in on Pedro and see what he’s really up to. That’s all she needs to book that flight and check in on her husband.

We finally get to see Pedro’s perspective, and he looks happier than he’s been in ages after partying with his friends and completely forgetting about Chantel.

Pedro says he hopes Chantel “never finds out” what went down the night before but apparently he forgot that the whole thing was filmed and she WILL find out.

When Chantel tells him that she misses him, Pedro has to summon all the energy he has to tell her that he misses her too. Then she drops the bomb about coming to see him, to which he responds, “Are you kidding me?”

He tells her not to come and that she can go somewhere else instead. That immediately turns into a fight and Chantel reveals she already bought a ticket to see him, making him furious.

When Pedro breaks the news to his mom and sister that Chantel is coming, things get even worse. No one wants to see her less than they do — not even Pedro.

When they blow up after hearing that Chantel is coming, Pedro is hurt that no one likes each other, but this isn’t exactly news. They refuse to let her stay with them, which can only make things worse.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole is busy packing for Grenada and still talking about how excited she is to be meeting up with Azan in a country where they can make out in public.

That seems to be all she can think about even though May is going and her dad is meeting them there. This sounds awkward!

When it’s revealed that Nicole bought Azan’s ticket to Grenada, neither her brother nor her father seems amused. Her dad even questions why Azan doesn’t work, and she reveals that she’s been sending him a lot of money.

Nicole is still packing when she gets a call from Azan to let her know the Grenada trip is canceled. While it was pretty clear that he wasn’t excited about heading to this makeout friendly country, it does seem pretty low that he would call it all off the night before she left.

It should surprise no one that Nicole didn’t take the news well at all. She took off, leaving her family and 90 Day Fiance producers with more questions than answers.

Still, Nicole refuses to believe that Azan is using her. Instead, she tells everyone that Azan had to cancel and it’s not her fault, but she won’t talk about why they aren’t meeting in Grenada.

No one knows what Azan’s “family emergency” is, but Nicole says it’s fine, everything’s fine.

Paola and Russ

Pao and Russ are back in Miami, and at least she’s happy. The pair are shown heading to the doctor for a checkup where she gets her RhoGAM shot to keep her baby healthy.

90 Day Fiance viewers probably remember that Paola previously had a miscarriage, and it was discovered that it was due to her blood type being O-negative and her body was building antibodies during her pregnancy.

This shot will help ensure that she can carry the baby to term this time.

Ashley and Jay

After a night of partying with her girls, she’s incredibly hungover and still hasn’t talked to Jay since he hung up on her. She admits she’s not looking forward to going home to Jay.

When Ashley gets back home from her NYC trip, Jay won’t even acknowledge her. That doesn’t stop Ashley from provoking an argument and accusing Jay of having a great weekend without her and deleting the evidence.

Despite being unhappy, Ashley agreed to give Jay another chance, which seems to be what he wants.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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