90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap: Time does not heal all wounds

Kalani, Jovi, and Libby
All the drama and problems in each of the Happily Ever After? couples’ relationships came out. Pic credit: TLC

The cracks in the Happily Ever After? couples’ relationships got bigger this week as some pivotal moments put the strength of their marriages to the test.

There was a lot of anger, hurt feelings, volatile conversations, misunderstandings, and epic fights that went down during the episode. Some couples may be able to come back from the chaotic situations and circumstances they found themselves in while others may not.

Explosive drama and fighting were abundant on Happily Ever After? this episode

Tiffany and Ronald continued their fight about miscommunication and how they don’t understand each other and can’t give the other what they want.

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Ronald wants Tiffany to go back to America and leave the children with him. Tiffany doesn’t think the relationship can be repaired and wants to leave with the kids.

At the beginning of Chuck’s cookout, an epic fight between Charlie and Andrei broke out from all the deep and pent-up bad feelings between the two. It resulted in Elizabeth and Charlie’s wife Meg fighting, Becky and her husband verbally fighting Chuck, and Charlie and Meg yelling at Chuck. The whole ordeal was just very messy.

Chuck ended up crying, Becky and Jen don’t want to be in the family business anymore, and the family got divided more than ever.

Potthast Family brawl
The Potthast family brawl was out of control. Pic credit: TLC

Some Happily Ever After? couples are at a crossroads

Jovi and Yara talked about where they stood after their big fight at the strip club. Jovi said he wants to try everything to make it work but Yara said she doesn’t know if their marriage can be fixed but would try. She also said she would take Mylah to Ukraine if they got a divorce.

As much as Asuelu wants to cut ties with his mom after the fight at their Christmas get-together, a friend of his gave him the advice that family is everything in Samoa.

With that in mind, he thought it would be a good idea to move to Samoa to reconnect with his family and roots and to repair the relationship with his mom. When he told Kalani about his idea, she shot it down but did say they could visit Samoa. Kalani’s mom also informed them they have to move because she is going to sell the house.

Kalani and Asuelu talking
Asuelu talked about cutting ties with his mom. Pic credit: TLC

Mike and Natalie finally broke up without too much of a back and forth, and Natalie packed up all her stuff and left with Julia.

Angela and Skyla saw the fertility doctor who told them all the hardships involved with the IVF process and Angela felt overwhelmed and scared to talk to Michael.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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