90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap: Pedro dances dangerously close to divorce

Nicole, Pedro, Colt and Larissa on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
Nicole is still in denial, Pedro is asking to be divorced and Larissa tells her family secret. Pic credit: TLC

We’ve made it to Season 4, episode 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and still, no one seems to actually be happy in their relationships.

This week, sneak peeks promised that Larissa would share a shocking family secret while Ashley parties without Jay in New York City.

Nicole’s parents will put her on the spot about Azan and her Morocco plans and Russ will come clean to Pao about the real reason he took her back to Oklahoma City.

Perhaps the biggest shocker though is that, while in the Dominican Republic, Pedro is going to push limits, possibly going too far with a friend of his sister.

Would he really put his marriage to Chantel in jeopardy? And does he even care?

Larissa and Colt

As the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? begins, Colt is trying to win Larissa back but she seems distant. It turns out she has a secret she still hasn’t shared and it’s going to be a shocker.

Tired of keeping it a secret, Larissa sits down to reveal that she has children back home in Brazil. She tells the producers that her daughter lives with her dad and that her son lives with her ex.

She clearly misses them and it’s been weighing on her.

Larissa said that she told Colt about the kids and that he was even okay with her bringing them but she opted not to. It turns out Debbie did not know about her kids and it’s time to let her know.

Breaking the news to Debbie is scary for Larissa so she and Colt plan to share the shocking news in the best way possible — over a BBQ burger dinner.

When Larissa rips the bandaid off and tells Debbie she has kids, Colt’s mom starts crying. It’s not really clear why this makes her so upset but she goes inside for a drink and talks about how shocked she is.

Initially, she thought this news was that Larissa was pregnant, not that she already had a secret family back home.

Chantel and Pedro

With Pedro gone to visit his family in the Dominican Republic, Chantel is worried her worst fears are coming true. Especially after Pedro stops taking her calls and isn’t video chatting with her as promised.

Not surprising, Chantel heads to her parents’ house, looking for support from her mom and dad and this can’t possibly go well.

It takes less than 10 seconds for her dad to question why Pedro would head back to the Dominican Republic with a one-way ticket and for her mother to suggest that she change bank accounts and call immigration.

Chantel has another idea — she wants to show up in the Dominican Republic and surprise Pedro to see what’s really going on. Both of her parents don’t think that’s a great idea, they just want Chantel to walk away and shut him out.

Chantel thinks the only way to fix her marriage is to pop up on him.

If she does just show up, Chantel may not like what she finds. Pedro is definitely cutting loose while he’s back home and after a night out with his sister and his old friends, he gets way to close to another woman.

After drinking way too much, Pedro ends up dancing with one of his sister’s friends and she ends up grinding all over him. His sister is there and she is going out of her way to egg Pedro on.

Pedro says in the confessional that he knows he messed up but that he had a great time. That will not make Chantel happy. Could this be the beginning of the end?

Ashley and Jay

After a night of partying with her girls in New York City, Ashley is still talking about the girl Jay was chatting with on Tinder. It turns out that the much younger girl didn’t call her back but she didn’t let that slow down her party.

While shutting down the club and dancing on the bar, Jay calls over and over. When Ashley returns the call, he wants to know why she’s at a bar. She made it clear that she doesn’t care about Jay’s feelings and continues enjoying her time with the girls.

Nicole and Azan

When Nicole heads to her mom’s house to pick up clothes for her trip to Grenada, her stepdad Joe is ready to drop some serious truth bombs.

He asks why she’s wasting money going to Grenada and when she says it’s a vacation, he jokes that she’s been on vacation since she got back from Morocco.

Joe made it clear that he doesn’t approve of this relationship with Azan and thinks he’s using her for money. He also says that he hopes she doesn’t come back pregnant.

He also questions Nicole about what she’s going to do in Morocco after the Grenada trip and he seems to believe that they’ll actually get married while she’s there about as much as most 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers do.

Questions arise about May and how Nicole plans to educate her in Morocco. Unfortunately, Nicole doesn’t have the answers and seems to think Azan will.

Pao and Russ

Keeping with the theme of secrets and lies this week, Russ finally comes clean to Pao about the real reason he brought her to Oklahoma City, which is that job he really wants to take.

He wants to get back into the oil and gas industry and move back home and she is immediately furious — with every right to be!

It’s no secret that Pao hates Oklahoma City and she doesn’t want to leave Miami. She also isn’t happy that he’s not only putting her on the spot but also making her look like the bad guy because she isn’t interested in moving.

Pao makes it very clear that she is NOT going to Oklahoma with Russ no matter what he says or does.

It’s no secret that 90 Day Fiance tends to be pretty messy but after the last few episodes of Happily Ever After? it’s starting to feel like none of these couples are happy.

The episode is titled Dirty Dancing, clearly because of Pedro’s adventures in the Dominican Republic but really, this whole hour highlighted all of the secrets and lies that are tearing these couples apart.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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