90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap: Are Chantel and Pedro headed for divorce?

Chantel, Pedro, Larissa and Ashley from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
Is anyone happy on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Pic credit: TLC

Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? has been chaotic at best. With two couples already split up before the show even premiered and at least one more looking like they probably should, it’s pretty clear why there is a question mark in the title of the show.

Larissa and Colt

Episode 4 kicks off with Larissa and Colt as she learns that her court case for the first domestic violence arrest has been dismissed. Keep in mind, this is not the altercation that ultimately led to their divorce but it’s definitely the point where viewers realized that these two are like oil and water.

When out to dinner to celebrate the dismissal, Colt and Larissa agree to start over and they even reintroduce themselves and shake hands. Instantly, the conversation jumps to Debbie and Larissa insists that it’s time to set some boundaries, to which Colt demands that Larissa respect Debbie.

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As they discuss boundaries and communication, Larissa makes it clear that the third (and possibly most important thing) that she needs is money and presents.

“Money… money, money, money, money,” Larissa tells Coltee after telling him she wants a $3,000 Chanel purse.

After a brief negotiation, Colt agrees to pay Larissa a monthly allowance of $200, paid to her via a prepaid credit card.

Despite agreeing on $200 a month, Larissa immediately takes Colt to an appointment to get her lips enhanced and they inform him that it will cost nearly $500. Naturally, he agrees to pay for it.

After cracking jokes about liking Larissa as she gets her lips done because she’s finally quiet, he compliments her new look. Larissa plots to get more work done with his next paycheck. So much for that allowance!

Andrei and Elizabeth

Andrei and Elizabeth still aren’t seeing eye to eye because he continues to butt heads with Elizabeth’s dad. Things are so bad that Andrei is even threatening to move out, which sends Elizabeth straight to her sister to vent about the situation. Surely that information will make its way back to her dad in record time, which won’t help anything at all.

Elizabeth’s sister sticks up for their dad, pointing out that they are living in a house he pays for and they aren’t paying rent or doing anything for it at all. Of course, he feels like they’ve been disrespectful. Not to mention that neither of them knows how Andrei thinks he can afford to move out of his free rental when he has no income.

Elizabeth and Andrei are still at odds with her dad, who has been bankrolling their whole life. In order to fix that, they decided to move out of her dad’s house — you know, the one he pays for — but in order to do that, they need him to give them more money.

The kicker here is that Elizabeth wants her dad to give her the money to move but doesn’t want Andrei to know that’s how she got it. Do they ever consider that their spouse will find out when the episode airs? This could be interesting.

Elizabeth’s dad also points out that if they can’t afford to move out of their rent-free house, how can they even pay the rent if he covers the moving costs? Despite his anger about this whole housing situation, her dad still agrees to pay for them to move out of his house. Where do we find parents like this?

Andrei bought the story hook, line and sinker too. When asked by production how they could afford the new house, he said it was due to Elizabeth working harder lately. She looked like she was about to throw up when he repeated that lie.

After moving into their apartment, Andrei really puts some effort into his job search. So much effort, in fact, that he showed up to the interview in a polo, shorts and boat shoes. The whole interview takes us back to Nicole’s interview with the temp agency when she didn’t bring her resume. Are they REALLY trying to find a job?

Ultimately, Andrei doesn’t get a full-time trucking job. Big surprise! When the recruiter tells him that he can still earn anywhere from $900-$1000 per week as an on-call driver, he complains that it’s not enough money. Again, we have to ask if he’s really trying to work or not.

Since Andrei isn’t excited about a part-time trucking gig that actually pays pretty well, they are forced to shop second hand for their baby, which is something Elizabeth says she “never” does. So why not just ask daddy to foot the bill for the baby gear too? He doesn’t seem to ever tell her no, no matter how ridiculous things get.

As they fawn over cute baby clothes, Andrei tells Elizabeth that he changed his mind and doesn’t want to drive a truck anymore. Instead, he wants to just be a handyman. She nearly explodes due to the fact that they paid a lot for trucking school and when he didn’t get offered full-time work right away, he’s ready to just throw it all away.

Nicole and Azan

With just two weeks until Nicole and Azan meet up in Grenada, she meets up with her friend Jessica to talk about her relationship and the trouble her family has been giving her. It turns out that Jessica is worried about Nicole and her relationship too.

That means pretty much everyone, including 90 Day Fiance viewers, are worried about Azan’s intentions and whether he actually intends to ever marry Nicole.

Nicole also brings up those pesky voice recordings that were previously addressed on the show. She didn’t tell Jessica about it before because her friend was essentially her only ally but now that she knows Azan has been talking to other women, will she completely turn on him too?

Nicole and Azan didn’t get a lot of airtime this week but that’s likely because they are still not on the same continent. That said, it doesn’t even seem like Azan wants to see Nicole in person or at least it doesn’t seem that way.

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro still look like they’re on the verge of divorce despite having years of marriage together. Chantel is worried because Pedro is headed to the Dominican Republic with a one-way ticket and she thinks he may not come back. She’s also upset because he doesn’t want her to go with him.

She even admits that she believes Pedro is headed back home to plot against her, set up a business in the Dominican Republic and prepare to divorce her. Sounds like wedded bliss, right?

Ultimately, the two end up fighting about their families again, with Chantel flipping out on Pedro because she just “knows” his family will trash her without her around but isn’t that what her family does to him?

While dropping Pedro off at the airport, she says she has a “feeling of impending doom” and that Pedro told her he doesn’t know when he’s coming but that he needs a break from her. Then, she says she didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this. Is she watching the same show we’re watching?

After Pedro leaves, Chantel even tells a producer that she’s worried that her “marriage could be lost.”

When Pedro gets back to his family in the Dominican Republic, its clear that they’re living much better thanks to him. As expected, they start talking about Chantel and her family with Pedro talking about how unhappy he is in his marriage.

At this point, it seems like no one would be heartbroken to see Chantel and Pedro split up — except maybe her. Neither are happy and while both have done many things that just aren’t right, there is never any compromise. Should they just go ahead and call it quits already?

Russ and Pao

Another longtime couple that just can’t seem to get past their own family is Russ and Pao. His family wants to throw her a baby shower and since she doesn’t get along with them, she’s not exactly in a rush to party with them.

Russ sits down with his parents and tells them Pao is uncomfortable. While Russ’ mom is hurt, his dad made it clear that accepting Pao “isn’t going to happen overnight.”

Then, his mom starts pressuring him to move their family closer and Russ admits he has a job offer in Oklahoma but that Pao still hates the state and will resist moving back there.

When Pao shows up for a chat with her mother-in-law, she was understandably nervous. Who wants to have a chat with their spouse’s family about why they don’t like each other?

Immediately, Patty makes it clear that she really just wants to have her grandchild around and that’s the real reason she’s trying to make things right with Pao. How is she going to react to learn that Pao doesn’t want to move back to Oklahoma even if they become best friends?

Ashley and Jay

Ashley and Jay are still fighting about Tinder but Ashley gave Jay plenty of ammunition of his own by going out on a date with her ex. As they head to the gym together, Ashley admits that “every little thing he does annoys me.” That’s not good considering they’ve only been married for a few months.

Still reeling from Jay being on a dating app, she decides to go on a girls’ trip to New York City, which infuriates Jay because she told him rather than asking.

While out with the girls, Ashley fills them all the way in on Jay’s Tinder adventures and it turns out that Jay was talking to a girl who is way younger than her. In fact, there’s some question about whether the girl is still in high school or not.

She’s even more insecure about it because the girl is nothing like her, making her feel like he might not be that into her after all.

With the prompting of her friends, Ashley decides to get in contact with the girl for “closure.” This is the ultimate drunk dial and absolutely can’t end well. Jay’s “other woman” ends up not answering the phone, which is probably a good thing. Can you imagine drunk dialing your husband’s high school age side chick and getting her parents instead?

This week on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? it seems like no one is actually happy. Every couple is at odds either with each other or with their families and, in most cases, both. At this point, a betting person probably wouldn’t put money on any of these marriages working out and as for Nicole and Azan, they haven’t even made it to the altar yet.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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