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90 Day Fiance feud: Deavan Clegg tells Laura Jallali to ‘stop lying’

Laura Jallali and Deavan Clegg
Deavan Clegg has reacted after Laura Jallali’s new boyfriend claims. Pic credit: TLC

Laura Jallali recently claimed to have a new man in her life and while many are in total disbelief, it was Deavan Clegg who quickly spoke up and it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t believe Laura’s story either.

After Laura and 90 Day Fiance Instagram blogger @thechanteltea “went public” with their alleged relationship, Deavan shared a post on her Instagram stories. It contained a photo of Laura and Aladin, except Laura’s face was covered with a long-nosed emoji.

And to make sure everyone knows how Deavan feels about Laura’s latest claims, she even added a gif at the top of a man making a “nose growing” motion and added the words, “stop lying.”

Stop lying post from Deavan Clegg's Instagram stories
Deavan shared how she feels about Laura’s new “boyfriend.” Pic credit: @deavanclegg/Instagram

Ever since Laura claimed to be in a relationship with Tony, who runs the Instagram page, plenty of people have shared their disbelief. So far, the general consensus is that Laura is faking yet another relationship — just like she did with Evelin’s friend Raul — in an effort to get attention.

On Laura’s post about her new man, there were many comments calling her “desperate” and wondering how she managed to get another good looking man. Others questioned if this was even real while others were convinced it was not.

“Laura love the attention so much that she post this pic to you guys talking about her and keeping her relevant. Laura, give it up your 15 minutes of fame is up. We want all the best for you but stop chasing clout. Don’t be sarcastic with your response, we want the best for you as your fame,” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “I’m a realist and there’s a motive here. Sorry lol.”

Laura even spoke up in the comments to let everyone know that her new guy is American and that he can bring her to the U.S.

Laura's comment on Instagram about getting a visa
Laura claims her new man can get her a visa. Pic credit: @laurajallali/Instagram

Whether Laura’s new relationship is real or not, she definitely managed to stir up some drama and get some new attention. Even from Deavan Clegg, who has feuded with Laura in the past when the 90 Day Fiance cast was split with Laura and Evelin on one side and seemingly everyone else on the other.

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