90 Day Fiance fans think the swarm of bugs at Brandan and Mary’s wedding was a major sign

90 Day Fiance couple Mary and Brandan DeNuccio screenshot
Mary and Brandan DeNuccio recently got married. Pic credit: TLC

We’re not saying “We told you so,” but we did, months ago when we shared photos from Brandan and Mary Denuccio’s wedding.

Well, that moment finally played out in the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, and as usual, it wasn’t without its share of drama.

This time it wasn’t Mary that caused the commotion because Brandan looked one of their female guest in the eyes.

Instead, it was some unexpected visitors that stole the show– bugs, and lots of them!

The large swarm of bugs made their grand arrival during the reception and tormented the newly married duo and their family and friends, who did their best to swat them away.

Meanwhile, viewers are convinced that the bug attack was a sign that the toxic pair should not have tied the knot.

After the scene played out on TV, people took to social media, and it seemed everyone was on the same page.

90 Day Fiance viewers think the bug attack at Brandan and Mary’s wedding was a bad sign

We expected a lot of things at Mary and Brandan’s wedding– Mary bursting into tears and hyperventilating; Brandan’s mother objecting to her son marrying the young Filipina, but none of that happened.

Instead, we got bugs, lots and lots of bugs, and we weren’t the only ones caught off guard by the attack.

The bride and groom were shocked when the bugs descended on their guests, but viewers think it was a big sign.

“Idc That’s a sign saying they shouldn’t get married 😂,” wrote one viewer.

“Oh nahhh! If that ain’t a sign, I don’t know what is!!! 😂,” reiterated someone else.

Viewers comment on Brandan and Mary DeNuccio's wedding
Pic credit:

One person reasoned, “That is the biggest sign that God can give you.”

Another added, “It was a plague! That’s the biggest sign ever😳😱🥴😬.”

One TLC viewer also hilariously commented, “It’s the damn plague! Thats the lord saying RUNNNN.”

Mary DeNuccio has regrets about her life

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Brandan and Mary since tying the knot at a young age and bringing a child into the world.

Their toxic romance hasn’t improved since they filmed the show and recently Mary has been airing her feelings on social media.

It seems the 23-year-old is having regrets about some of the choices in her life as a few days ago she shared a few cryptic messages on her Instagram Story, stating in one of them. “I know I can. But I can’t. Life is hard.”

She’s also having regrets about dropping out of school and recently wrote, “If only I finish my college maybe I’m a license professor now. Teaching at college class.”

Mary Denuccio Instagram Story
Mary shares her regrets. Pic credit: @maria.rosaaaaaa/Instagram

“Not just maybe, but I know it’s for sure.” she continued, “But idk.Im just….Idk.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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