90 Day Fiance fans think Loren Brovarnik’s sons Shai and Asher look like twins

Loren Brovarnik of 90 Day Fiance
Loren Brovarnik’s sons Shai and Asher look so much alike her fans think they look like twins. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fan-favorite Loren Brovarnik’s sons Shai and Asher share a strong resemblance and her fans think they look like twins.

Loren and her husband Alexei Brovarnik welcomed their second son, Asher Noah Brovarnik, on Monday, August 16.

After spending 22 days in the NICU, baby Asher was able to come home and join his family, including big brother Shai Josef, 17 months.

Loren and Alexei didn’t reveal Asher’s name until September 12, nearly one month after his birth, and previously referred to him as Babyboten, which is a nickname for “peanut” in Hebrew.

Now that baby Asher is adjusting to home life with brother Shai, mom Loren, and dad Alexei, Loren has been getting in all the snuggles with her newborn.

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik shares side-by-side pics of sons Shai and Asher

Loren took to her Instagram Feed on Thursday, September 23 and shared side-by-side pics of herself holding baby Shai versus holding baby Asher, along with individual pics of each of the boys as newborns.

In each of the pics, Loren held Shai and Asher on her chest and both of the boys had huge closed-eye smiles and looked like carbon copies of each other.

Loren’s followers noticed the striking resemblance between Shai and his baby brother Asher at the same age, and they showed up in her comments to let Loren know.

90 Day Fiance fans think Shai and Asher look like twins

Jamie Otis of The Bachelor and Married At First Sight commented, “Oh my goodness, [they] look so much alike! [heart-eyes emoji] twins! ❤”

“He looks just like shai [heart-eyes emoji] ❤,” wrote another one of Loren’s followers.

“Twins [heart-eyes emoji] so adorable!” read another comment.

One 90 Day Fiance fan commented, “I think you made twins, but at different times,” along with four heart-eyes emojis.

loren brovarnik's fans think sons shai and asher look like twins as babies
Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Now that baby Asher is home from the NICU, the Brovarniks have plenty to keep them busy.

Loren and Alexei recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary earlier this month, on September 6.

Last month, their eldest son Shai started nursery school, garnering mixed reactions from Loren’s followers.

When Loren decided to take some time for herself and got a tattoo while Asher was still in the NICU, she drew some criticism from her followers.

Since Asher’s birth in August, Loren has been sharing her postpartum journey with her fans, including weight loss and struggling with depression.

Loren admitted that she’s “not okay,” but has been transparent about her struggles and has opened the conversation to help other new moms going through similar situations.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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