90 Day Fiance fans have strong reactions to Tiffany calling herself a blessing

Tiffany Franco
Tiffany got reactions out of viewers after she called herself a blessing in Ronald’s life. Pic credit: TLC

During a therapy session with Ronald on the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? this week, Tiffany called herself a blessing in Ronald’s life and critics had some things to say about it.

Tiffany’s critics think that she completely lacks self-awareness, plays the victim card, uses her platform of privilege, and has unearned confidence.

Tiffany and Ronald’s visit to the marriage counselor, who also happened to be Ronald’s uncle, did nothing to even scratch the surface of their problems. What it did do was pit Ronald and Tiffany further against each other, as evidenced by the fight they had in the parking lot after the session.

Tiffany and Ronald have a lot at stake to make their marriage work, and they have their daughter Carly and Tiffany’s son from a previous relationship who thinks of Ronald as a dad to think about.

Tiffany Franco’s haters gave their opinions of Tiffany calling herself a blessing

A Reddit thread was started based on Ronald’s face when Tiffany called herself, “a blessing in this man’s life.”

The subject of the thread was, “Ronalds face when Tiffany said she was a blessing in his life has me cackling.”

Reddit thread about Tiffany Franco
A Reddit thread was started about Tiffany calling herself a blessing. Pic credit: @u/pelic**t98/Reddit

Other Redditors weighed in with their opinions on Tiffany’s description of herself.

One person made the point, “Really loved how Tiffany rattled off all the reasons why Ronald was a dumpster fire when she came into his life… without the slightest drop of self awareness that she chose to procreate with the dumpster fire and get her son emotionally invested in him as a father figure.”

Another mentioned Tiffany’s irresponsibility of not being able to meet the very minimal income requirement of 20k to sponsor a foreigner’s visa.

Reddit thread about Tiffany Franco
Redditors gave their opinions on Tiffany. Pic credit: @u/pelic**t98/Reddit

Other Redditors dug at other facts that don’t make Tiffany out to be the blessing she thinks she is.

One person mentioned that Tiffany has, “Big victim mentality.”

While another got at her for not doing her research on South Africa properly to know what she getting herself into.

They said, “Her dumb butt couldn’t even find out about the unrest in SA before she had kids with a man from there. That is just ignorance and privilege right there.”

Reddit thread about Tiffany Franco
Redditors made further points about Tiffany. Pic credit: @u/pelic**t98/Reddit

Will Ronald Smith’s spousal visa get approved?

With some time left on Happily Ever After? this season, Tiffany and Ronald are anxiously awaiting the results of their spousal visa filing. If he gets approved then they all have the intention of leaving South Africa together as a family.

If he doesn’t get approved, Tiffany and Ronald have very different views of how it’s all going to work.

Viewers will have to keep watching to find out the outcome.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 years ago

Tiffany is nothing but a self absorbed, whining, complaining crybaby, she is no blessing to Ronald, and he needs to get rid of her and get some kind of joint custody for his kid, however that would work from country to country, he just needs to do it!