90 Day Fiance fans feel their intelligence has been insulted with fake Corey and Evelin storyline

TLC fans are upset that the network and the couple lied about their storyline. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way series feel that Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas have tried to pull a quick one over on them after fans found out they are already married. 

The Other Way couple has already been categorized as completely unlikeable by viewers, and now their stale plotline is just rubbing TLC fans the wrong way. 

Corey and Evelin’s cover is busted by fans

Corey tried to save face about the revelation of their secret wedding by posting on his Instagram. Below a photo of him and his wife, he wrote, “Its finally revealed that we did actually get married years ago… Stay tuned because so many of long-awaited questions will be answered very soon! Are you guys ready?”

Most 90 Day Fiance fans did not participate in the post-nuptial celebration and actually were quite upset with the lies. Many followers felt that the TLC network and the couple were trying to insult their intelligence. 

90 Day Fiance fans were upset that the couple were already married

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Follower @Aynie1961 hit the nail on the head when she wrote, “What a Bulls*** storyline!! Why not be honest about it?? Every other couple has been honest & we followed their story!”

Pic credit: @coreyrathgeber/Instagram

The 90 Day Fiance former supporter continued her rant, saying, “I kept saying there is no way you are there this long & you kept lying & telling us the B.S. about the prom dress, girl in Peru, planning this expensive wedding!! It’s crap!!! Well, this former fan is saying Buh BYEEEE! Not that you care!!!”

Another user, @kralagria, shared her two cents, saying, “They are probably divorced by now and Corey finally accepted that he is a victim of narcissistic abuse.”

Pic credit: @coreyrathgeber/Instagram

Evelin Villegas is not a fan favorite due to her attitude 

Evelin Villegas has received a ton of criticism due to her selfish behavior and mistreatment of Corey. Evelin is often seen acting as if she deserves the world and expects Corey to deliver it on a silver platter. 

The Ecuadorian beauty has been overwhelmed with her decision to even get married to Corey. TLC viewers were looking forward to seeing if Corey would have to deal with a runaway bride.

Now the storyline has been taken away from 90 Day Fiance viewers, and they are mad. Corey should be prepared for a major backlash as a 90 Day Fiance fan scorned is never good for the TLC talent. 

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sunday 8/7c on TLC.

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2 years ago

So what, it’s not everyone’s business! I think it’s GREAT, but that being said, Evelin needs to knock it off with the 50K wedding BS!